Goodbye and Goodnight Leland High School

This year marks the end of a long relationship with Leland High School.   I graduated from Leland in 1975, my daughter 2009 and finally my son this year.    Having graduated from Leland in 1975, I attended University of California at Davis and then attended Northwestern University in Chicago where I received my DDS.  After getting married in 1983, we agreed to move to South San Jose in 1984 because of the highly rated school district I grew up in—specifically Leland High School.   We were willing to pay a premium to buy a house in South San Jose to be in the Leland-Bret Hart school district. 

This blog entry is not to honor Leland, but to put it to sleep.  Has anybody noticed the free fall from grace that Leland High School has been in since 2007?  With the two major scandals rocking the school in the last two month,  its seems everyone is just now noticing something that I have been seeing these last 5 years.  The administration and teachers of Leland are failing to  lead and inspire.  There has been a total breakdown in the Leland High School Legacy.  School Pride is gone.     Most of the good tenured faculty have left Leland or are now too old to care.   We no longer rule Speech and Debate. And academically,  private high schools with populations of South San Jose kids, are consistently bettering us academically as well as athletically.   Yes there are a few individual exceptions, Its not often you have a student accepted to Harvard, Princeton and Stanford,  but Ive known that family since kindergarten and and work ethic and achievement runs strong in that family outside of Leland High School and Leland does not deserve credit for that.  Leland has never been lacking in highly intelligent and motivated high school students—especially with the ethnic diversity shifting towards cultures that value education with its current  58% minority enrollment.  Leland high school does not care about the remaining 42%  mid and lower achieving students.   For many of the really smart kids at Leland, school is like a video game with the goal being a trophy college admission.  Some kids are naturally brilliant and other are clever enough to beat the system at Leland—the recent cheating scandal at Leland is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to gaming the administration for better grades.  There are instances of unreported cheating—in one situation, a high ranking,  popular ASB officer was caught taking pictures of a test and it went unreported even though he was caught in the act.   Leland prides itself on high achieving  students but they didn’t create them.

 The way a school motivates and educates the borderline student is what defines the quality of the school.  A borderline student is a student who has a grade that is close to a B—78% to 79.9%.   If your child falls into this category,  Leland High School is toxic.  The “school policy” of not returning test  illustrates the apathy and lazyness of the teachers at Leland.  Once you fall behind,  you are gone.   To college admissions,  the difference between a C+ and a B-  is a full point—it is either a 3 or a 4 and not a 2.5 vs a 2.7.  A student with too many B’s has no chance of getting into a good UC. The traditional fall back UC—US Santa Cruz- had an average admission standard this year of 3.8.    With today’s college admission standards at such a high level, a C or B grade in and AG class is a virtual death sentence to anyone wishing to attend a quality UC.  This is why many Leland students to  drop classes if they feel they are getting C’s despite tutoring and teacher confernences..  Instead they choose to take them in the  summer, at night at community college or online and transfer them to a Leland transcript. It is a known fact that it is easier to get an A or B from these sources.   Leland should have realized that the reason for their drop in Newsweek ranking from 2007 to 2012 is the fact that they were not empowering and encouraging freshman and  sophomores by giving them the benefit of the doubt on wobblers C-B grades.  A “C” student is not pursuing  AP class’s in the future and his destiny is set in stone.  No AP classes means NO UC acceptance.  This could have easily been achieved if test preparation was more efficient straight forward and exams were returned to students.   Only Lazy teachers don’t write new test each year and return them after every exam.  Good teachers know how to provide test preparation that a student can use to do well on a test.   Teaching through exams is ridiculous at the high school level.

The  primary basis of Newsweek’s High School Rankings is the availability and utilization of AP classes.    How do I know this?  My son had taken a Leland precalc class his sophomore year with a teacher that refused to return test and refused to work with his tutors.  Despite his supervised and motivated efforts to bring his grade to a mere B,  we had him drop out of the class and take the same class in a community college where he received an A.   You would think that the college class would be more difficult but it was not—just better teachers.     I remember a few years ago when my ASB President daughter Graduated from Leland,  one of her friends from Pioneer who graduated Valedictorian, was rejected from UCD with a 4.0  gpa.   It should be the mission of Leland to give the benefit of the doubt to the borderline student especially in the freshman and sophomore years—give any student with a 75% or better grade average a “B” instead of a “C”.   And, it is not just me that feels this way about Leland High.

The Parade of Leland Scandals

Oct 7, 2005 – A high school teacher accused of keeping child pornography on a school-issued Brian K. Jessee, 44, a yearbook teacher at Leland High School, was arrested on a $25,000 misdemeanor warrant for possessing child pornography

Apr 3, 2012 – The Leland High School students disciplined last week in a test-stealing scandal

Apr 3, 2012  Joseph Reghitto, Leland High School Vice Principal Arrested for Alleged Unlawful Sex with a minor in September 2011

2012 school year – Leland Cheerleading team is told to suppress scandal involving girls sneaking away from a hotel  and getting drunk with their boyfriends.  As a consequence, several girls are secretly  kicked of cheerleading team and on boy is kicked out of ASB with no reasons given.

2012 School Year—ASB president caught takeing pictures of a test and not given a cheating file to avoid  public scandal over ASB faculty leadership.

The Newsweek Rankings.

-Leland High School  in 2003 Ranked 389   Index-1458

– Leland High School in 2004    unranked

-Leland high school in 2005 Ranked 352  Index-1832

-Leland High School in 2006 Ranked 273   Index-2258

-Leland High School in 2007 Ranked 408   Index- 2083

-In 2009 Leland was unranked

In 2010 Leland was  unranked

In 2011 Leland was unranked

In 2012 Leland was ranked 314

 During the 2009-2010 School year on which the 2012 ranking is based,  Leland was 42% Asian with 58% of the student population being ethnic. According to the ranking,  57% of the student population took part in AP tests with an 89% pass rate.  There are only 8% economically disadvantaged students.  Since this is a major part of the Newsweek ranking, its easy to understand how the administration is taking credit for high academic standards,   but the reality of this is that the parents of the Asian 42% are responsible for this statistic.   Unfortunately, for future Leland students, this Newsweek ranking won’t help the borderline 50% of students who need skilled teachers to  have a shot at great college.   I can only reflect my personal experience with my children who now have both graduated from Leland.   My Daughter who attends UC Berkley and my son who   will be attending University of Oregon both started out at Leland at the top 10% of Bret Harte’s graduating class.  In hindsight, I can say that my kids have definitely given back to the school more than I did in my 4 years at Leland.   Both kids, elected ASB officers every year,  put everything they had into their academics, extracurricular and community spirit.  You would think that with  8 years of ASB ,  Captain positions is more than one Varsity Sports, Victories at Speech and debate tournaments and good to great GPA’s that Leland would have  recognize their contributions.   Not the case with either child.    The faculty but for a few exceptions has done just about everything they can to discourage. stifle and ignore their progress and achievements.   Specifically, outrageous class scheduling, unreturned email communications, and total apathy when it came to the performance of a C or B student.    Despite that,  the efforts we as parents made outside of Leland are responsible for their successes.  Besides the recent scandals that made the newspapers,  I can attest to teachers who were buying Marijuana from students and actually teaching while high over the last 8 years.    

And finally,  how about that graduation ceremony at the Rose Garden?    Besides a bunch of strange adults giving keynotes in the absence of the principle and other administrators that spent the last 4 years with our kids,  there were numerous mistakes and errors on the program  that left several Validictorians off of the program and absolutely no acknowledgement of the  ASB officers.   What a joke.

 Goodbye and good riddance to Leland High School.  I know many parents who quietly pulled their kids out of Leland in the middle of their high school education and put them in private schools.  With the news that the upper administration has been purged with the conviction of the rapist vice principle,  maybe Leland will finally take this chance to re-establish the old ways that made it great.  I doubt it though,  there is no one left with the vision.

12 thoughts on “Goodbye and Goodnight Leland High School

  1. You are mistaken about the situation with the cheerleading team, and your discription of the “scandal” makes it seem like it was worthy of being considered as such.
    1) The team was not told to “suppress” anything. The ladies were not told to hide anything or keep anything a secret. They decided on their own not to gossip about the situation because they didn’t want to make things harder on their friends and teammates who were disciplined, and they weren’t interested in assisting in damaging the already fragile reputation that all cheerleaders have to deal with.
    2) You stated that girls were “sneaking away from a hotel and getting drunk with their boyfriends”. Not a single word of that is true. Before spreading rumors about teenagers, I would encourage you to fact check and get the real story. What actually occured was nothing like that. Some of the boys from Leland (not BOYFRIENDS. Just BOYS. Who were FRIENDS of many of the girls) went to Disneyland to cheer on the ladies at Nationals, much like they cheer on the football players and basketball players all year long. The hotel rooms (for the cheerleaders only) were four people to a room. On Saturday, all of the cheerleaders were given a curfew of midnight. Prior to curfew, a group of ladies met up with their friends at California Adventure Park and spent hours there on rides with them. Before heading back to the hotel (where they arrived BEFORE curfew, NOT sneaking out), one room of them did ingest a couple of drinks with their friends. Now, back at the hotel, where they all arrived prior to curfew, is where things started to actually go wrong involving two of the rooms. One of the rooms contained the four ladies who had ingested a couple of drinks (breaking the rules by drinking, but not being unsafe about it), and the other room had only three ladies in it (two of them had been in California Adventure with the other cheerleaders and their friends), as the other one was with friends in a different room. Unbeknownst to the other two ladies, while they were out with friends, their roommate had been drinking quite a bit. She drunkenly walked over to the room with her other four friends and begun throwing up. The ladies in that room, rather than immediately go to the coach, stayed and took care of her while she got sick. This is the situation that resulted in the 5 of them getting punished. As for the other two, one of them realized she had left her wallet in one of the boys’ backpacks. By this time, it was nearing curfew, and she knew that she would not make it back in time of she were to leave to get it from him. Instead, she called him and asked if he could bring it to her, since she was not allowed to be out past midnight. He agreed, and brought her wallet to her room. While he was in her room with her and her roommate, giving her the wallet, the situation with the other five ladies was brought to the attention of the coach. Right as she was walking back to her room after dealing with those five ladies, she passed by the friend exiting the hotel room, pulling up his sagging pants. Unfortunately, as an issue had just been dealt with, the worst was assumed, and the two ladies in that hotel room were disciplined because of what the administration and coach believed may have happened after seeing him pulling up his pants and leaving her hotel room past midnight. So, while the whole situation was unfortunate, absolutely no one was “sneaking away from a hotel and getting drunk with their boyfriends”.
    3) Girls were not secretly kicked off of the cheer team, and a boy was not kicked off of ASB with no reason given. Contrary to popular belief, people do not have a right to know everybody’s business. The ladies who were temporarily kicked off of the cheerleading team knew what the reasons were. Their parents knew what the reasons were. The administration that was at the event and the coach knew what the reasons were. Nobody else had any sort of right to know. The ladies told whoever they were inclined to tell, but it was only kept a “secret” by the cheerleaders who all agreed NOT to gossip to people at school about the misfortune that had fallen upon their team and their friends. It wasn’t in itself a secretive act. The boy who was kicked off of ASB (I don’t recall the specifics on his situation, so I will assume that you may, in fact, have ONE piece of truth in your statement, and that he actually was kicked off of ASB) was the friend who brought one of the cheerleaders her wallet, and was seen leaving the hotel room, pulling up his sagging pants. While I agree that he (and the other two girls) did not deserve any sort of punishment, he clearly knew what was supposed to be the reason for the disciplinary action, no matter how incorrect the administration may have been about the situation. Taking into account, also, that the whole Reghitto situation had just begun in the weeks prior (administration had interviewed both Reghitto and Jessica (the woman he had relations with), as well as Jessica’s friend. While the friend said there was something going on between them, Reghitto and Jessica both denied it, also both stating the exact same reason as to why she would make false accusations towards the two), I think we can all understand why the administration may not have believed two teenagers saying that nothing happened in a hotel room, especially when they both faced disciplinary action.
    Overall, your knowledge on the subject is more than lacking, and the fact that you feel comfortable gossiping and spreading rumors about high school ladies is disturbing. The length at which you are mistaken about this situation and yet speak as if it is fact brings into question the reliability of anything and everything that you stated as fact in this post.

    • I assume you were referring to:

      I give you the benefit of the doubt about what happen with the cheerleading team in 2012. The information in my four year old rant came from a parent of one of the cheerleaders. Actually I thank you for making it clear to everyone four years later that it was wrongful discipline on the account of Leland administrators which in my opinion is just as bad as if the statement was factual. Now it’s out in the open for all to know since you appear to be a first person eye witness. It’s obviously a case of your word against the coach and administrators and I believe you. As far as Im concerned, it is as much of a scandal to Leland if an innocent student is sanctioned for something they didn’t do. Four years after those “scandals” the kids that were caught cheating on test all ended up in great colleges despite and Mr Reghitto remains convicted of his crime and served 16 months in state prison after text messages on his phone implicated him. Those are Facts and not assumption. Someday when you are ready to send you kids to a high school, and invest half you life savings into a house so your kids will have a shot a quality public high school, you will understand that I am not spreading gossip and rumors. I am just disappointed with what went down at Leland during the years my kids attended it and would have done it differently had I know.

  2. I am entering in this conversation very late, but I graduated from Leland in 2013. I do admit that many of the great teachers left after the scandals. I do not know if it was solely because of the scandals though. That is merely an assumption. Andrew Holland (best English teacher) and Michelle O’Shea (best chemistry teacher) left. Angela Depa, a wonderful math instructor, moved to another state. English in my freshman year was a bit tough because the jump from a non-bret harte middle school to Leland was noticeable. For my sophomore year I enrolled in accelerated English with Mr. Holland and that was an awesome decision. Even though I got a B, it made English my best subject and I did extremely well in my English classes in college. I feel like my junior and senior years of English were not as challenging, but maybe that was a product of my experience in the previous accelerated course. I remember, in middle school, we were graded based on completion and effort. Thankfully, my first 2 years of Leland provided me English instructors that were tough graders. I definitely have heard many teachers in Leland graded more-so based on completion, but I was lucky to not have those teachers.

    A MAJOR problem with Leland is that the seniors that are going to community college are made to feel dumb. They are looked down upon. I am beginning to think that this was a result of peer pressure from the students, and many parents in the area act like not going straight to a UC Is a failure. This is a brainwashed mentality to have. It is great to have high expectations, but don’t let it insult other student’s mental capacities. I remember the school newspaper writers asking seniors what college/university they were going to, so they could write it in the newspaper. My friends that were going to community college were too embarrassed to say De Anza, West Valley, etc. I went to De Anza and I will study software engineering at SJSU. Going to a community college was a wonderful decision. The school has many amazing professors. Of course there are a few rotten apples that have fallen through the cracks and acquired tenure. Changing your major is not a serious issue in the early stages of community college.

    Another problem with Leland is that students focus too much on the grade, and not enough about learning. This is probably an issue with all schools though. The only teacher in Leland that emphasized learning more than the grade was Rich Ajlouny. He was my film studies teacher (this class is unfortunately no longer offered), and he was also an English teacher. Even though his opinions tend to be strong, and not very flexible, he is a brilliant teacher. I only had him for film studies though, and the class was absolutely phenomenal. I also had a fantastic Spanish teacher, Mr. Gutierrez. He even admitted to me that the Leland instructors feel that the students are capable of self-learning, and consequently, many teachers do not put in as much effort. My brother went to Gunderson high school and he told me, the teachers there put in a lot of effort, to compensate for the student’s lack of passion. It is reversed in Leland. Teachers do not put in as much effort because they feel like the student’s could learn the material themselves.

    Leland has some brilliant instructors, and bad ones. Mrs. Depa was a brilliant math instructor that cared for us. I had her for freshman (geometry), and sophomore year (algebra 2 w/ trig). The math instructor I had my junior year was nowhere close to her level, and I unfortunately received a C in pre-calculus that year. I met with tutors, spoke with the teacher, and tried to get as much help as I could. My confidence was shattered. I did not take math in my senior year. I wanted to re-take pre-calculus my senior year, but they would not let me. They said either AP calc, or AP stats. I was not ready for calculus, and stats would have not been beneficial for my major. In my freshman year at community college, I re-took pre-calculus and I did very well. I eventually earned great grades in calculus too.

  3. A 3.75 weighted puts you at the bottom of the UC’s. I am frustrated on how our school is structured. So according to msyn it’s 58% minority. Seems maybe a little bit low. Let’s just rename this to International high school of San Jose. In every class, I was one of the few white kids. In no way do I mean to be racist with anything I have said. I hear some kids speaking in Asian languages more often than they do in English. Sometimes I go to the library after school to try and get work done. Usually I can’t because there is always a table of kids practically yelling in their native tongue. It seems like the school is socially divided as well. It seems like I get no help when I ask a few kids in some of my classes for it. I find it extremely rude as they would not help the “different” kid. It’s clear that both white and Asian ethnicities can be socially divided in the parenthood as well.

    Bottom line- not satisfied with my education.

    • I think that once an ethnic group reaches more than 50%, its now longer considered a minority. There are so many ways to separate classes of students other than ethnicity these days. Bob, 40 years ago, at Leland, I got in a fist fight with another student that called me a “chink” in the library. This bully use to call my house and leave racists messages on our answering machine. I got suspended for a day and it went on my record at school. I had made few good friends in high school that I could count on, made it through the good and bad teachers, the occasional racial harassment, and the gunner students who wouldn’t give you the time of day if it hurt there GPA. You can do it if you don’t give up. My son is a sophomore at the University of Oregon. He was a 3.2 student at Leland that got rejected from every UC he applied. Today, he has a 3.8 GPA at Oregon as a Physiology Major, holds down two jobs, and is one of the youngest students in the community college advance EMT program at the Community College–all concurrently. He found himself in College doing well despite Leland High school. Honestly , while he was at Leland three years ago, I though he had ADHD. I was wrong.

  4. Sharon, do not come here. There is no reason to. For starters, Los Gatos is already a great school. If you live in that district, why take the extra 20 minutes to drive to Leland each morning? No doubt there will be traffic on almaden expressway. SOMETIMES teachers who are paid better, work better. I know that teachers in the Los Gatos and Saratoga schools make more. This doesn’t ALWAYS mean they are better.

    It’s in the news as of last week. He is pleading guilty. Up to 3 years in jail and will be registered as a sex offender

    I am a current senior at Leland. Here’s a little bit about my experience:
    In middle school, I always had the easy teachers for my English classes who never said a word about my grammar in my essays. When I got to Leland, my English class was a joke. It starts out by sitting down and looking at my teacher standing in front of the class. Next, he would usually assign some bullshit book work in the grammar books that he probably didn’t know how to use himself. However, he was able to buy one of those teaching binders that has multiple assignments that he could just give to students instead of making his own. We also spent about 3 months reading of Mice and Men– a 110 page book– and wrote probably 1 or 2 essays that whole year. Ironically, we all got the essays back on the last day of school with most of the class receiving the same grade. It was an easy A, but it really set me up for future problems.
    Junior year honors English-
    I know several kids who called it day care. It practically was. Either way, we wrote so essays and got them back literally at the end of each semester. It’s clear the only thing this school cares about is math and it’s ap classes. I am not a strong writer and this school really failed to teach me how to become a better writer. It’s time for an education reform. I agree with almost everything the operating post says. If your a 3.5 unweighted, you’re top 40% of the graduating class. A 3.5 unweighted won’t get you into a UC except Merced. Lots of kids never see their tests on the finals and no one ever gets to take them back home.

  5. I am thinking about transferring to Leland from Los Gatos. I am not sure if it’s the right move after reading your post. I really need some insights. Do college admission really looks at where you have gone to school? Maybe the Pioneer students didn’t take any AP classes?

  6. Just for the record. Joe Reghitto rumors with regards to his innocence are untrue. To those in the know, it is clear. He admitted to police, on tape, that he sexually penetrated a 16 year old girl. He has been fighting it in the courts for over a year, but his efforts to keep himself out of jail are simply delay tactics. I am certain that eventually, justice will be served.

  7. You are right on target! I went to Leland in the the 70’s. Fall from grace for certain, my son attended Leland 2009 – 2012, which explains why my daughter is currently attending school elsewhere! Disgusting and disappointing to say the least.

  8. I think your sources may be biased.

    First of all, Reghitto was accused of having unlawful sex with a minor, but there are other stories. Some say he was falsely accused by the victim, who disliked Reghitto.

    I can say that there is truth in the cheating scandal and the ASB president scandal, and I can’t say that I’m not mad at the school for not trying to do so, but complaining on this website won’t do anything.

    Not all the staff who care about the students have left; the ones that you mention are the ones that no one really know. They’re the ones that people start rumors about.

    Another point, the Asian 42% of the school cannot account for ALL of the AP tests. There are others out there who work harder and achieve better scores. The Asians have to work hard because they are discriminated against, even though it may not seem that way. Statistics show that colleges are more willing to accept Hispanic and Caucasian students, but that doesn’t mean that those students are the ones who will work hard in college. It’s very different. The Asian students are the ones who actually want to improve their lives, yet they are the ones who are academically discouraged to go to college. An Asian student has to score about 150 points higher on the SAT to be considered for the same college a Caucasian student can get into for an SAT score 150 points lower.

    Also, if your child receives a C or a B, it’s not the teacher’s fault. The teachers can and do pass back tests. It’s the student’s fault. They should try harder, and if they can’t improve, then why did they take the class?

    I see no reason for you to mention a Pioneer student.

    If Leland teachers changed their grading system, more students would have As, true, but that’s not the point of the grading system.

    My daughter, who is currently attending Leland, knows no one who has transferred out of the school due to the problems you have mentioned.

    Please reconsider your rant, and please make sure that the next time you post something like this that it is backed up with sufficient evidence and a mind that understands both sides of the problem.

    • Mrs Moon,
      I admit to being biased, and if you are offended by what I see as the truth, I apologize and hope the best for your Leland grad. This rant is a year old and it was only intended to reflect my opinion of Leland based on 40 years of association with the school. My view of Leland comes from my experience graduating two kids from Leland and also from attending Leland myself. My mother worked for the unified school district for over 10 years and I see many kids in my practice from Leland. In addition, the evidence I have, though confidential, comes from faculty, retired faculty, past Booster club, Parents club, and Bridge presidents which I am still very much in touch with. It seems you think I am discriminating against Asians. I am Asian! In fact I was one of only ten Asians in my graduating class in 75. My daughter is graduating from CAL in two weeks and attending Columbia next year–Believe me when I tell you I understand the Asian effect on admissions to colleges and graduate schools. I am also amazed that after 4 years at Leland, you are satisfied with the grading system and test return policy. Also, I graduated 2 kids 3 years apart from Leland and I have had at least one child take a class from every honors teacher and department head at Leland. Mr Reghitto was the ASB advisor in 2011 and has been to my house. I am not basing my statements on rumor and hearsay. This blog post is old news anyways, if things are better at Leland than what I am describing, then great because they got better because people like me publically complained and that is the purpose of posting. When my last child graduated from Leland, there were teachers at Leland that had been there over 20 years–they are all gone now and the administrations is brand new. Please tell me if things are great again at Leland. All I know today is that a senior with a 3.8 GPA and a 1900 SAT score from Leland got rejected by every UC this year.

      “Also, if your child receives a C or a B, it’s not the teacher’s fault. The teachers can and do pass back tests. It’s the student’s fault. They should try harder, and if they can’t improve, then why did they take the class?’

      Yes, it is the students fault sometimes. But what if that student is having problems and wants to improve, and what if the parents are behind their child’s efforts (like we were) and hired tutors and worked with our kids to improve? I know that the Math Department returns test for review only in class, and that these test are not available to tutors outside of class trying to help B and C students improve. If they are currently returning test to tutors to help these students outside of class, its because many parents as well as myself have been lobbying them for this change for years. Why do our kids take those classes you ask? Certain classes are taken because they are prerequisites for college admission and that is why they MUST take the class. The reason they do not return test to students to take home is that they use the same test every year. Your child must have straight A’s and B’s. Or maybe you have never wanted to see a test that your child had done poorly on even though they felt they were prepared.

      ‘If Leland teachers changed their grading system, more students would have As, true, but that’s not the point of the grading system.”

      A C grade in any subject at Leland is virtually a guarantee that your child will not make it into a University of California University. The Average GPA of a UC accepted student is a 3.9. What do you think the point of the grading system is in high school? Do you think only the top 90 percent of students should have a shot at being accepted to a UC?

      ‘My daughter, who is currently attending Leland, knows no one who has transferred out of the school due to the problems you have mentioned’

      I personally know three families who made that decision in the last two years. Just because your daughter does not know them does not mean it didn’t happen.

      Finally, out of curiosity, I googled Mr Rehgitto to see if their was a conviction on his charges. Couldn’t find anything. I do have some empathy when it comes to his situation and poor judgment and I do base my opinion of the debacle on what I have heard from the parents of the victim. I thought he was a good man and a caring administrator before the incident and I know that some high school girls can become dangerously misguided and he may have been entrapped. The year I graduated from Leland (1975), the football coach divorced his wife and married a graduating senior girl in my class and they are still married today–no arrests. Times change but you have to admit that that incident ruined the 2012 Graduation Ceremony and disrupted the entire administration at Leland.

  9. Thank you for documenting what is surely the decline of a formerly outstanding high school. This provides a lesson (*to those who are listening*) of why schools fail.

    Have a wonderful christmas with your family!!


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