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Welcome to the Blog of Meng Syn.   Why BLOG?   Why not?  Ive never been much of a Facebook fan but I like the idea of having a place where friends and family can check out what we do in our spare time. This blog helps me remember what we did–a live autobiography, authored by me, under my control, on my servers.

“I heard the music, and I wrote to it.
Some people beat drums. Some people strum guitars.
It’s all in the music you hear. ”
~Hunter S. Thompson


Born in Atlanta Georgia, raised in San Jose, CA
Attended: Noddin Elementary School, Henderson Elementary School, Bret Harte Middle School,
Leland High School, University of California Davis, Northwestern University Dental School


Dentistry,  Flyfishing the Planet,  Photography and Film, Computers, Technology and Programming,  Home Theater,  Music,  Remote Control Aircraft and Kites,  Gardening,  Home Improvement , Tennis, Badminton, Golf, Piano and Acoustic Guitar-Music Production and digital mixing, Windsurfing, Surfing, Cooking, Nutrition and Sustainability,  Winemaking (from plant to bottle),  Northern California  Water and Fisheries Conservation.

Jobs I’ve Held

  Waiter, Dental Assistant, X-ray Technician, Dental Lab Tech,  Resident Adviser, Fishing Guide, Commercial Fly Tier -South Bay Custom Trout Flies 1971-82 (first to offshore production of trout flies),  IT Consultant,  Software Product Developer (Development team for WINAMP  97-2000),   Author,  VC Investor,  Web Designer,  Medical Researcher (NUMS),  Dental School Instructor,  Dental Clinic Manager (SBHC),  Computer Forensics Consultant,  Network Administrator,  Expert Witness, Tech Legal Consultant,   Photographer,  Videographer,  General Dentist
 Current Occupation
  Dentist in Private Practice since 1984.
Meng Syn DDS at msyn@carabelli.com
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My Favorite Quotes

 The charm of fly fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.   –  John Buchan

Change is not a destination just as hope is not a strategy. – Rudy Giuliani

Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure…than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat  – Theodore Rosevelt

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity“. Seneca: 5 BC – 65 AD

Fisherman’s Prayer – God, grant that I may love to fish until my dying day. And when it comes to my last cast, I then most humbly pray: When in the Lord’s safe landing net, I’m peacefully asleep, that in His mercy I be judged as big enough to keep.

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  1. Hello Meng: Great and enjoyable blog – you sound like a true renaissance man to me. Is it possible to float tube in the shallows of San Luis before the wind comes up? Thanks, Dave

    • Yes. Actually the safest watercraft to be in when the wind comes up IS a float tube. I recall days when the whitecaps were breaking over my tube in the main lake and the fishing was on fire. The next week, same place with no wind and no fish. The best guys on the lake–Al Whitehurst and the late Len Bearden (who hold most of the world records caught in San Luis) only fished out of float tubes. Check out the diaries at the end of “the Mystery of San Luis Reservoir. The wind is really only a problem in the spring and summer. I use an iphone app called WindAlert and call the windsurfing line at 209 826-9019.

  2. Cool video. As I read through a lot of your blog I find it fascinating how we can all come from vastly different cultures yet be drawn together by our love for the sport of fishing. Best regards. I will try my hand tomorrow with the hope of finding shad.

  3. Found your blog while looking for info on shad at San Luis Res. I spent a quite a while digging around you have a lot of good info -thanks! Hope to run into sometime on the water, until then, Snap it!

    • Dan,
      San Luis Shad are elusive beasts. I see them all year round popping up all over the lake. It is the reason I keep a 6 wgt rod with two shad flies on it at all times ready. I use to fish for them exclusively with ultra light spinning gear since the 70’s but when the school comes around, you only get a couple shots. I clocked the slowest school swiming at 4mph as we were chasing it in the boat and catching fish out of the tail of the school. One of the most awsome days of shad fishing was last Saturday however. The schools were swimming right next to the shore for hours — one after another. I went back fully armed two days later expecting an epic shad day and the wind was blowing and they were gone! Not one school. the second half of this video is shad only….https://vimeo.com/66017596

  4. Meng,
    I just discovered your blog surfing for info on tarpon for a friend. Great work. I loved your dedication to Len Bearden. Len was very helpful when i opened my fly shop in San Mateo, Angler’s Emporium. He was a great guy. i see that Kay has passed, is Howard (can’t recall his last name) still around?



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