Rod and Reel

Usefull Knots

Lefty Krey Loop  Knot for attaching flies to leader

The Seaguar Knot   for attaching Flouro to Mono

The Lefty Kreh  Leader Knot   to attach to pieces of mono

The Yucatan Knot   Braid to Mono

Twisted Leaders for Stripers  how to make your own

Uni Knot and Double Uni Knot  – leaders to flies and line to line

Perfection Loop   Line comes straight out of knot


Those Awesome Twisted Leaders for Stripers  –  These leaders are essentially 40 lb test but sections about 2.5 feet,  20 lb double strand mid sections with 20 lb single strand to the fly.  They turnover big flies and (light ones)  better than straight mono which I use when Im lazy.   They are great on surgin fish because they slip a bit like a Bimini Twist and act as a shock absorber.  Because they are multi strand, they are much more resistant to abrasion and knicks since if you cut one by accident,  you still have another.

Sometimes I time them Flouro Swivles so large flies like Pole Dancers and Trolling Flies dont wrap the line.

For Stripers – 20 lb test Ande Clear Mono,  A modified Dremel Tool with a hook on the end,  some hemostats and some clips,

1. pull three arm lenghts of 10lb Mono,  tie two overhand loops onto the ends and loop the middle of the mono to a door knob.

2. spin each end with Dremel for 3 seconds

3. secure the loop knots end to a non moveable hook and take other end off of doorknob slowly allowing the mono to furl on itself until all the loops and kinks are gone.

4.  Attach a clamp to the end of the leader closest to the doorknob about a third the length from the end  and secure it to the doorknob

5 Spin the double strand leader from the loop knot side for about 5 seconds and clamp the knots to the doorknob

6. Furl the double strands together to for a but section of 4 strands about half the length of the leader.

7. Tie a double surgeons knot to the knot end to secure the quad wrap and dual wrap.  About half the total leader.

8  take a piece of 20 lb test.  (I like Segaur Flourocarbon) about three feet and tie a perfection loop to one end and attach to double strand side.

The Best Fly lines for Stripers

Rio Outbound Shorts and Customs

Airflow 40+ Sniper T-14

Airflow Cold Water Ridge Striper Intermediate WF8I



10 wgt Helios II and Tibor Everglades with 11 wgt floating Tarpon Rio Outbound Short for throwing large Pole Dancers
8 wgt Helios II and Lamson Vanquish with 8wgt Ariflow Sixth Sense Delta DI7 (WF8/9s7) for throwing deep
7wgt  Sage Method with 30 lb Lazar Line attached to 30 feet of t-14
6wgt  Sage TCX and Hardy Ultralight with a Rio Outbound Short 7wgt type 6
5 wgt Sage Salt and Nautalis FWX with a Rio ST7s6  OBS SHD on 50lb LAZAR LINE



9 ft 6 wgt with a Sage Grafite reel and a 23 foot T-14 integrated head
9 ft 8 wgt Predetor with a Seamaster Reel and a full length Airflow Sixth Sense Delta D17 full sinking line for trolling flies
9 ft 8 wgt Predetor with a Tibor Everglades Reel and a Redfish floating line for gurglers
9 ft 8 wgt Predetor with an Able Super 8 and an Albright Intermediette Line for the flats
9 ft 8 wgt Sage with a Mako Charleston Reel and an Rio Outbound Short t-14
9 ft 8 wgt Helios II with a Lamson Vanquish 7.8 and a t-14 30 foot head.