Fishing Blogs – A Directory

Fishing BLOGS

A Flyfisherlady’s Life
A Meandering Trickle
A Year On The Fly
ACS-The Fishdog
Addicted to Vise
Adventures in Fonda Fishing
Adventures in Brown Lining
Agua Fria Alchemy
Alaska Flyboy’s Web Blog
Anadromy Fly Fishing
An Anglers Dangling Log
Angler Wannabe
Anglers Choice Flies
Angler’s Culvert
Angler’s Tonic
Anthony Surage Christian Fly Fishing
Antlers and Gills
Average Angler
Average Joe Fisherman
Average Steelheader
Bamboo Flyrod
Barbos Con Mosca
Baslow Fisher
Bay Area Backwaters
Becks and Brown Trout
Bent Rod Media
Big Pike Flies as a Way of Life
Big Sky Angler
Bish on Fish in NZ
blo fly fishing
Bobber Talk
Bonefish Flat
Bonefish On The Brain
Brookfield Angler
Brooks, Browns, & Bows
Buster Wants To Fish
Caddis Chronicles
Caddis Fly and Pixie Poo
The Caddis Fly
California Fly Fishing
The Calling
Carp on the Fly
Carpediem-Sako’s Blog
Casting Around
Catch and the Hatch
Catching Chronicle
Catching My Fair Share
Chasing the Scraps
Chi Wulff
Chicago Trout Bum
Chironomid Home Page
Chronicles of Cod
Chucking Line and Chasing Tail
City of Allen Fishing
Coast To Coast
Colorado Casters Blog
Colorado Fly Fishing Reports
CP’s Fly Fishing and Fly Tying
Creek Addict
Cross Current Fly Fishing
Custom Pike/Saltwater Flies
Daily Fly Paper Blog
Dan Blanton
Dawn Patrol
Dean Finnerty’s Fishing and Hunting
Deer Creek Eddy
Deneki Outdoors
Diane Michelin Fly Fishing Art
Die Fische
Dirtbag Fly Fishing
Do It Yourself Bonefishing
Doc’s Ol’ Blog House
Down and Across
Drag Free Drift
Dragonfly Angler Post
Drawing Flies 365
Dressed Irons
Drew Price Fly Fishing
Drifting The Prairie Ocean
Driftless Angler Blog
Dry Fly ‘Expert’
DS Flyfishing
Dub The Thorax
East Coast Angler
Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing Blog
Eat More Brook Trout
Eat The Fly
Een Wolf Ann Het Water
The Ecological Angler
The Eden Angler
18 Mile
El Rinconin
Eliot’s Flyfishing Documentary
The Evening Hatch
Evolution Anglers
Evolution of a flyfisher
Falheim Salmon Flies n’ Flyfishing
False Casts & Flat Tires
False Echoes
Far & Away
Fat Guy Fly Fishing
Feather Hook
Feather & Scale
The Featherbender
Feed Fish Flies
Fiberglass Manifesto
Fiddle And Creel
55 on the fly
52 Trout
Fins on the Fly 
fine water
Finewater Fly Fishing
Fire Fly Fisherman
Fish Hunter Chronicles
Fish Tales and Fish Tails
Fish Eat Flies
Fish, Flies and Water
Fish on
Fish On!
Fishheads Flies N Lore
Fishies and Freshies
Fishing According To Kev
Fishing Blogdom
Fishing For Words
Fishing Fury
Fishing Geeks
The Fishing Gene
Fishing Jones
Fishing n Forgetting
Fishing Through Life
Fishing & Thinking in Minnesota
Fishing! What else is there!
Fishing With Flies
Fishing With Jay
Flies, Fins, Scales and Tales…
flies, sand & surf
Floggin’ Water
Flowing Waters
FlyBass Blog
Flyfishing Entomology
FlyFishing Nation
Flyfishing Photography
Flyfishing Russia nu numai
Flytying: New and Old
Fly Art Studio
Fly Fish Addiction
Fly Fish Diary
Fly Fish Fanatic
Fly Fish SC
Fly & Fin
Fly Fish Yellowstone
Fly Fisher Kom’s Blog
Fly Fisherman Anonymous
Fly Fisherman’s Cafe
Fly Fishiclicious
Fly Fishinado
Fly Fishing Broker
Fly Fishing Chronicles
Fly Fishing Colorado
Fly Fishing Consultant
Fly Fishing Cork
Fly Fishing Crazy’s Blog
Fly Fishing Dish
Fly Fishing Eats
Fly Fishing Fantasies
Fly-Fishing & Fly Tying Review
Fly Fishing For the Soul
Fly Fishing Frenzy
Fly Fishing From Snoqualmie
Fly Fishing Lifestyle in Salida, Co.
Fly Fishing And More
Fly Fishing and Rock
Fly Fishing 4 Par
Fly fishing tails
Fly Fishing & Tying Obsessed
Fly Fishing For Native Trout
Fly Fishing in New South Wales
Fly Fishing Mind of Jeff Allen
Fly Fishing Newbie
Fly Fishing the Ozarks
Fly Fishing The Sierra
Fly Fishing the Southern Blue Ridge
Fly fishing tails
Fly Fishing Traditions
Fly Fishing & Tying Obsessed
Fly Fishing With Pookie
Fly Obsession
Fly Paper
Flytier’s Page
The Fly Shutter
Fly To Water
Fly Waters Edge
Fontinalis Rising
Four Seasons Angling Club
The 420 Fly Fishing Blog
The Fresh Aspect
Freshwater Fly and Fish Fighter
Fringe Element Fly Fishing
From Feather to Fish
Fun Time Fishing
Functioning Fishaholics
Gabe Lopez
Gerilla Fly
Gettin’ Fishy
Getting Out
Ghetto Fly Fishing
Gibby’s Fishing Blog
Gin Clear
Gin-Clear Media
Gink and Gasoline
Glen Pointon Fly Fishing
Goldenstone Fly Fishing
gorky tenkara fisher
Graphite Samurai
Gray Goat Fly Fishing
Grayling On The Fly
The Great Lakes of NYC
The Grey Sulphur
Gold Coast Lady Angler’s
Gue Fly Fishing
Guys, Flies & Pies
The Haddis Catch
The Happy Anachronism
Happy Trout Chronicles
Harry Outdoors
Headhunters Blog
Heavymetalspey’s Blog
High Altitude Fly Fishing
High Desert Angler
High on the fly
High Plains Flyfisher
High Stick
Hillend Dabbler
Hitoshi’s Blog
Hoof Prints & Fish Tales
Hook, Line and Soul
The Hopper Juan
How Small A Trout
Hugh Koontz & His Laughing Trout
Huislanti Fly Fishing
I Am A Bass Fisherman
Idaho Fishing Notebook
Inshore Nearshore
Itinerant Angler
Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Blog
Japan Fly
JBFC Fly Fishing Classic
JC’s Art of Flies
Jeff Currier-Global Fly Fishing
The Jersey Angler
Jon Baiocchi Fly Fishing News
Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick
Keep Chasing the World Record
Keepers of the Trout
Ken Capseys Pike Adventures
KIS–Fly fishing
Kynd Outdoors
Lady Vimms
Lateral Line
Le Mouching
Leader to Tippet to Fly
Life Death and Fluffchucking
Life Is Fly
Life On The Fly
the limp cobra
Lineas Vivas
Listen To The Winds
The Literary Fisher
Lo Fi Fly
LOJ’s Fly Tying & Bug Stuff
The Lonesome Piker
Long Rods and Lucid Dreams
Lookin’ For A Lunker
Lost and Found, Fishing the Midwest
Lovells Fly Tyer
Lunker Hunt
The Mad Fishicist
Mad Guy Flies Blog
The Mad Trouter
Mahseer Fly Fishing
Maine Carp Fishing
Maine Fly Castings
Mando’s Fishing
Manhattan Usual
Many A Fish
Matt’s Fishing Journal
Mexican Trout
Michael Gracie
Michael and Pike
Michissippi Fly
Mick’s Fly Fishing Diary
The Midge Manifesto
Middle River Dispatches
Mike’s Gone Fishin’…Again
Minion Flyfishing
Minnesota Steelheader
Missoula Fly Fishing Guides
The Missouri River Fly Fishing Journal
Moldy Chum
Mountain River Journal
Mountains, Rivers, & Trout
Mr. P’s Blog
My Fly Fishing Journey
My Fly Fishing Life: Homewaters
My Leaky Waders
Mysteries Internal
Mystic waters
Na Mosca Flyfishing Blog
Native Trout Angler
Native Trout Fly Fishing
The Naturalist Angle
The Neil Creek Chronicles
Nervous Waters Hawaii–Clay’s Blog
New Spool Productions
Nick Hart Fly Fishing
Nicola Zingarelli
Niklas Dahlin–Flytier
9 Months Of Winter
No Clear Line
No Place Like Somewhere Else
No Sports Allowed
Nomad Anglers
Nordic Angler
North Country Anglers
North Fly
The North River
Northeast Iowa Fly Fishing
Northern California Trout
Northern Waters Fly Fishing
Notes from the Black River
November Rains
NW Fly Tyer
Nymphin’ Ain’t Easy
Oak Creek Angler
Oaklind Flyfishing
Of Dry Flies & Fat Tires…
Of grouse, setters and trout
Old Man River, OR
Of Trout and Men
The O’Grady Flyfishing Adventures
Old Fishing Photos
On The Fly with BOP
Once and Future Fly Fisherman
Orland Outfitters – Wayne Syn
111 Degrees West
One Bug Is Fake
One Hook Up Fly Fishing
One Mule Team
Oregon Fly Fishing
Osprey Steelhead News
The Outdooress
Outfitted For Life
Pale Watery
Patti’s Fly Fishing Journal
Pebble Pedalers
The Perfect Drift
Pesca Pirineos
Philip Short’s Blog
Phil’s Fishing Diary
Pike Adventures
Pike Fly-Fishing
Pike With Fly
The Pine Island Angler
Piscatorial Pursuits
Planet Trout
Prescription: Trout
Proven Patterns
Primal Fly
The Quiet Pool
Rainbow Chaser
Rainwater’s Creekside Ramblings
Raspberryfisher’s Blog
Raw Water Productions
Real Job Fly Fishing
The Realistic Fly
Reckless Flyfishing 
Redd Head Fly Fishing
Reel Grease
Reno Trout Envy
Rick’s Reel Adventures
The Riparian Corridor
The River Beat
River Fly Box
River Hunter Flies Blog
River Keeper
The River Damsel
river hooligans
River Mud
Riverwood Blog
Robin’s Ruminations–The Urban Angler
Rogue Angels
Rooster’s Ramblings
Rotten Spawn Sacks, Tattered Flies & Leaky Waders
Rough Fisher
Ruff Waters Fly Fishing
Salmon Guy
Salmon River Spey
The Salty Riffle
The Sandhill
Schmidt’s Walkabout
Scott Smith’s Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Chronicles
Scum Pocket
Search For Native Salmonids
Searcy Sowbug
Seeking Trout
Seven Bridges Road
The Sevier County Fisherman
Shallow Fish
She Loves Fly Fishing
The Shooting Head
Silk Lines and Paper Hulls
Silvey’s Flyfishing
Single Barbed
Sipping Emergers
Skate The Fly
SkiClimb Fish Bum
Sleeping in the Dirt
slant eyed fisherman
Sleep When You’re Dead
Slimy Trout
The Slippery Trout
Slow Fishing
Small Fly Funk
Small Stream Brown Trout
Small Water Fly Fishing Experience
Smallmouth Fly Box
Solid Hookups
Somethins Fishy
Soul of Streams
Southeastern Fly
Southern Tier Fly Fisher
Splashes With Fishes
Spring Bear
Steel Pursuit
Steelface Addiction
Steelhead Alley Fly Tying
Steelhead Junkies
Steelhead on the Spey
Steelhead Report
Steelieman and Friends!
Steve Dobson’s Fisherman’s Blog
stinky fingers fish factory
Stonefly Press
The Stream of Time
Strid Art
String Leech
Strong Current
Suck My Fly 
Super Fly
Swamp Yankee
Sweaty Waders
The Swedish Invasion
Sweet and Salt
Swingin’ Flies
SwittersB & Fly Fishing
Switch Fisher Bass and Trout Fishing
The Tailing Loop
the tailout
Tales From A Texas Fly Fisher
Tar Heel Fly Fishing
Taunted by Waters
Teachrtec’s Fishing Journal
Tenkara Adventurer
Tenkara Bum
Tenkara Elevated
Tenkara Fly Fishing
Tenkara Grasshopper
Tenkara On The Fly
Tenkara Rising
Tenkara Talk
Tenkara Tippets
Tenkara Tracks
Tennessee Fly Fishing
Terry’s FlyFishing Bar
Teton Tenkara
Teton Trout
Texas Flycaster
Texas Fly Fishing Adventures
THSpey’s Flies & Fishing
Third Coast Fly
Third Year Fly Fisher
This River is Wild
Thoughts From The Flats
Tight Lines Fly Fishing
Tight Lines & Tall Tales
Tiny Waters
To Flyfish
Tokyo Fly Fishing
Total Angler
Trash Flies Blog
Trash On The Fly
Trearton Fly
Trent Piker
Trout In The Town
Trout Journeys
Trout Pursuit
Troutbugs And Other Digressions
Trout Illustrated
Trout Shadows
Trout Tales
Trout Tripper
Trout Underground
The Trout Zone
Truckee Trout Fishers
The Tug Is My Drug
Turning Over Small Stones
Two Guys–Wet Waders & Flies
Tying and Fishing Tiny Flies
Trout In The Town
Tyler Befus
The Ugliest Cast
The Unaccomplished Angler
Up North Maine Fly Casting
The Urban Fly Fisher
Urban Fly Fisher
Urban Fly Ventures
Utah Cutthroat
Utah Fly Patterns
Utah Water Log
Under The Riffles
The Unguided
Up the Poudre
Urbn Outdoors
Vieques Angler
The View From Fish In A Barrel Pond
The View From Harry’s Window
Virginia Medical Fly Fishing
Virtual Fly Guides
Voyageur Pursuits
Wade Rivers Wild Tramps
Waders Deep
Waist Deep Casting
Walks and fishes
Wandering Word
Wapiti Waters
Warm water Fly Fishing and Fly Tying
Warm Water Journal
Warmwater fly’s, ties and fishing
Watery Rave
The Way of the Fly
Way Upstream
The Weary Angler
The Weekly Fly
Western Wyoming Fly Fishing Journal
What’s the catch?
Wide Angle Fishing
Wildfly 365
Will Fish for Work
Wind Knots & Tangled Lines
WNY Fly Fishing
Wandering Fisherman
Wild Ed’s Texas Outdoors
Yet another damn fly fishing blog
Yellowstone Country Fly Fishing
The Young Man and the Stream
Yui Daikyu Blog
Yukon Goes Fishing
Z Fly Fishing
Zen Trout
Zonker’s Fishing

Online magazines

Bloodknot Magazine
Catch Magazine
Flymage Magazine
Fly Fishing Life
Fly Fishing in Saltwater
Fly Fusion
Fly Rod and Reel
Field and Stream
Midwest Fly Fishing
New Zealand FishingMag
Sleeping In The Dirt
This Is Fly

Websites & Forums

Anglers Net
Anglerstown–Fly Fishing Korea
Balkan Trout Restoration Group
Bass Jon
Cherry Trout–Fly Fish Korea
Fishbuzz TV
Fish Explorer
Fishing Japan
Fishing Newsroom
Fly Anglers
Flyfish Map
Flies and Fins
Hawaii Bass Fishing Forum
Hip Wader
International Women Fly Fishers
Kiene’s Fly Shop Forum
Potomac Bass
River Smallies
Snakehead Pro
Tidal Fish
Salmon Crazy
Saltwater Fishing Forum
Sexy Loops
Southeast Fly Fishing Forum
Sparse Grey Matter–A forum for fly tyers
Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders
VA Fly Fish
West Virginia Angler
Z Fly Fishing

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