Medeiros Flats

These flats are great when there are holes in weeds.


One thought on “Medeiros Flats

  1. Hey Meng,
    I met you a few years ago on the forebay. I was in my floattube and Tim Frahm was in his pram. You were with Kenny Oda in your boat. Tim Frahm just told me of your blogs and fish reports so I gave it a go. This is a great site full of valuable fly fishing info. Thank you for doing this and I hope to see you on the water soon.
    Fished twice in the past week out of my pontoon and have been skunked both times. Fished the buoy lines at checks 13 and 12 and around the islands. No hits at all. Used an I line and a full sink to no avail. Heard that the evening greylite time is good for topwater action.
    Kind regards – Tim Loomis

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