Phoebe Hsieh’s Commencement Speach

Mark’s Girlfriend–Phoebe Hsieh–graduated from Leland High School today and impressed the crowd with her excellent commencement speech. Rumor has it that Apple Stock took a late rally after her endorsement of the IPHONE 5 and beyond. Congratulations Phoebe from the Syns. Get the flash player here:

Mark and Pheobe Leland Prom 2013

Phoebe and Mark at the last prom I will ever photograph  (maybe). The Pre Prom photo shoot was at the beautiful Boulder Ridge Golf course down the road. Phoebe will be giving the Commencement address this Wednesday at the Leland class of 2013 graduation. Next year she will be attending University of Oregon with Mark.…

Mia’s Trebuchet Physics Project

First of all, yes this was my daughters Leland High School Physics Project that I enjoyed helping her with, however, if they didn’t expect parents and outsiders to help these kids, why did they set the dimensions of the device to one square meter and choose a projectile like a baseball?  No way to build…

Mia’s Last Highschool Homecoming

For parents and friends that would like to have some of the photos I took yesterday and for those looking for the Freshmen and Senior Homecoming Skits,  The Videos can be found on and the Photos can be found at FLickr.   My Vimeo (for video)  and Flickr (for Photos)   memberships are  under “Meng Syn DDS” .

Leland High School Homecoming Freshman Skit 2008

The Freshman Make History! Winning second place in the skit competition beating out the Seniors and the Sophmores in the highest place finish ever for a freshman class. Mark Syn and Madie Perretta Writers, Producers and Directors…. Leland High School Homecoming Skit Freshmen 2008 from Meng Syn DDS on Vimeo.

Leland High School Senior Homecoming Skit 2008

The Class of 09 performed their final skit at Leland today which I had the opportunity to film. Using an HD1000 with fish eye and an HD800 for closer shots I edited the short film in Adobe CS4’s two camera mode in half an hour. Leland High School Senior Homecoming Skit 2008 from Meng Syn…

Mark and Kian Pown Duo

In what might be considered a major victory for the underdogs,  my son Mark and his partner Kian, both freshmen novices,  were victorious in there first National Forensics League  tournament together in Duo Interpretative Speech.  The tournament was held at Leland High School  and the Duo event attracted 28 pairs of competitors from elite Northern California Schools like…