Flyfishing Alberta

Damn, It seems that I managed to book the “best dry fly fishing in the world” at the worst time ever.  River X was a big ZERO.  The river was blown out by water release in the reservoir and we spent the week at the Rocky Ridge Bed and Breakfast fishing the local pond–Dipping Dot Reservoir  (actual name was “Dipping Vat” but we changed it).   Much like fishing any of the California ponds as Wes remarked ” Feels like Frenchman’s , but not as many fish.”     Aside from the lack of Dry Fly Fishing, I managed to  break in my new Sage 10 ft 5 wgt  on adequate numbers  of fish from 10 inches to 5 lbs. I learned how to tie droppers the right was from Wayne.   We also spent a nice day on the Crows Nest which seemed to be the only river that was clear.  Not a lot of action on that river either but I can see the potential for that river to rock when the weather is good.

Shout out to our guide and Rock Star Paul Kype of Texas Flood who provided the soundtrack for the Video and to whom I owe my last speeding ticket,  listening to his music while driving fast car.

Alberta Fly Fishing 2008 from Meng Syn DDS on Vimeo.

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