River X Part II-The Happy Ending

I have died and gone to trout heaven! The Best Dry Fly Fishing I have ever seen. My accomplices, Wayne, Jim Cramer, Mark Won, Papa Jon and Little Jon stayed at the Mountain View Country Inn, an awesome place to rest and eat with accommodations for 10 and free wi-fi not 20 minutes from the river in Mountain View Alberta. Phenomenal Hatches of large and small mayflies made the fishing challenging but productive with fish in the 20-23 inch range common. Thanks to the generosity of Authorr\Expert Angler Jim Cramer, I had a chance to use some long furrled leaders on some shy trout and I’m hooked–9 foot furreld section with 8 feet of tippet. Also critical in my opinion–purple and pink comparaduns, clear thingamabobbers (glow in the dark ones will work), small CDC PMDs, Pulsating Caddis (#14), and black puppas. Most Fun Section-Wayne’s Wolrd!
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One thought on “River X Part II-The Happy Ending

  1. Well done chum! Well done chum!I give a lot of stick to fishermen on YouTube , who dont know what thryee doing, but that was brilliant-fish returned quickly, even though it was perfect eating size!- ie. put back big hen fishPlease watch all young would-be fishermen-great exampleof how to fish and treat fish-proud to be Irish too!

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