The Fly Fishing Show- Pleasaton

I been to many of these shows but this show was a little different.   I met my old friend Bob Von Raesfeld at the fly casting ponds as I entered the show. Together we spent most the afternoon casting the new Loomis  NRX rod-20% stronger and impact resistant.  Bob ended up with the 10 wgt shopping for a  new Meat Stick for Christmas Island Trevaly.   The Loomis 10wgt felt like casting an 8 wgt — very light and responsive.   Bob bought one for his trip in two months to Christmas.     Also at the Loomis Booth was Steve Rajeff and Bill Ward.    I met Steve — the worlds best flycasters–  through Andy Puyans at Creative Sports Enterprise in 1973. Steve has won the American Casting Association annual event 34 consecutive times and the bi-annual World Casting Casting Championship 13 times. In addition, Steve has won the International Casting Sport Federation’s World Championship held every two years 13 times. This is more than anyone else in history.   Maybe the most success of any athlete in the world.   Bill Ward, oddly enough was my boss at South Bay Health Center in 1983.   Bill is now the head marketer for Nomads of the Seas which is an elite Fly Fishing Expedition on  the coast of Argentina.  Hopefully we can set up a continuing education trip through him!

Also,  an  article in published in Salmon Trout and Magazine, written by  Carl Blackledge on the  Eagle Canyon Trout Ponds  featured some of my photography.  Featured anglers in the photos  are Wayne Syn and Benson Kanemoto although there is no  mention of me or them are in the article.

Lance Boen, renown artist and sculpture was there.  Lance did the art Fish Sculpture of my Kenie Rainbow hanging in the consultation room of my office as well as a beautiful Striped Bass for my Fly Fishing room

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