A fishless day at The Louie..

Len Bearden told me once that for every two fishless trips to San Luis, you get a good one. Well today we are half way there to another good day.  At least I bought a Year Pass to get on the lake.  At  $200 a year, ill have to go 13 times to break even.  At this rate that should be 3 months of trips   I took my good friend Ryan to San Luis Reservoir today and we fished Oneal Forebay and the Main Lake. The wind was 16-20mph but we managed to put 8 hours on the water with only one fish on. What a fish though. Trolling an 8 inch swimbait the size of a shad on the downrigger (I gat some balls for my downrigger) out of Dino Point along the right shoreline, around the first point, in 50 feet of water, we hooked another one of those GIANT deepwater stripers. As soon as we set the hook after the rod went “up” on the downrigger, I wasted too much time taking the boat out of gear, reeling up the two other lines we had out, reeling in the outrigger and turning us toward the moving fish. It got the advantage on us and pulled out. It was a fun day though and we managed the two foot rollers pretty well. Got Dramamine? The Wind Lady lied to us and again. She is like a ” Siren” in greek mythology, beckoning us to fish the calm waters by telling us things we want to hear so that we risk our lives for the pleasure of fishing–that seductress bitch.

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