Mark and Meng’s Dink Adventure on the Louie

For the the first time in a long time, Mark wanted to go fishing with me this weekend. I started checking the wind three days ago and a storm front was approaching with predictions of rain for today. We had planned to get up at 5:30 am and head out for some topwater, but the windline at 5 this morning said the lake was blowing 18mph. We went back to bed, got up at 9:00am and the lake winds had dropped to 14mph. By 11AM they had dropped to 6 MPH and we headed over for a couple hours of fishing.

It was crowded with at least 10 boats at the ramp at noon. We trolled over to Portaguese Bay and hooked 5 dinks in two hours. Mark brought the IPAD out and noticed that the surf conditions at 41st street were happening so we decided to bring home the one keeper and call it a day early to get him to the beach by 5:00. One guy at the ramp in a North River Boat with 4 electric downriggers said they only caught one big fish all day–a 30 incher. Mark reports that getting to the beach was worth it–the evening surf was spectacular.

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