The Change, its a happenin’

Its was cold on the lake today.  Yesterdays rain and weather front marks the first cold day I have had on San Luis this year.  The water temp was 62 and the fish were slow today–lots of single light hits with no return.     Rick and I had scrounged up two limits out of about a dozen fish from 6:30-noon.      This morning around 8:30,  casting to the bank at my favorite coves rewarded us with a ten pounder.  The fish were definitely not hitting like last week.  They were shy and I had more short strikes than ever.  The “winter game”  is on and I feel like there is something different now with these fish.    Next week Ill have to figure it out.  I think Ill try the forebay next week Monday. Now that the weeds are clearing out,  I bet the fish are all over. Only 4 more days till my son Mark and I fish Eagle Canyon for double digit Triploids. Yahoo.

I met a fly fisherman from Modesto out on his new boat–a Tracker 16 Deep V.   Driving in this morning,  I noticed him fishing the Bay of Pigs.   At the Launch coming out,  he mentioned that he had caught over 20 fish.  We saw him in Portuguese Cove where he said he saw single fish on the surface way back in the creek.  Gotta try that.   His boat looks great–really wide–a near perfect San Luis Boat.  With the swing tounge trailer, it looks like it could fit in my garage! Bought it at Bass Pro new.

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