GoPro Mounts for my Boat Experiments

Last week I played around with some underwater shots of hooked stripers using a modified flat lens on a ski pole mount.  There is a modified flat lens kit made by Eye of Mine that really improves the clarity of underwater shots taken with the wide angle GoPro cameras.   I have often been impressed with some of the boom shots taken from below the water towards the fishemen and from above so I set out to build a really long boom mount that I could attach to rod holders to place below the water surface or 10 feet in the air looking down.    I built the extendable monopod for my gopro from a camera monopod head and a telescopic boat hook.   I was looking for something that had the diameter of a fishing rod grip so that I could use standard rod holders to position the monopod.    Here are some pictures of the mounts.   I should be able to test them out next week.


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