UFO Sighting over San Luis Reservoir

I knew in my gut today would be different at the lake. The Solonar tables showed a major period from 6 to noon, the cows were feeding in the grass on the way up. It was going to be epic. the first weird thing I noticed as I pulled over the rise and caught my first glimpse of the lake around 6:45 was the lack of crowds, cars and wind even thought the Wind line indicated a 10mph NW wind, the lake was glass. Then I saw it–a huge reflective light in the sky across the lake above Portuguese Cove. I saw people pulled over looking at it but I didn’t really give it much thought till I pulled into the boat ramp at Basalt. I had my Lumix GH2 with a 14-140 lens so I decided to take some video of the thing in the sky. The enlarged frame grab looks like a giant set of white trousers. It was weird that the thing did not move with the breeze. I could see the wind generators spinning on the north side of the lake. The object did move but not with the wind. I watched it while I fished until about 8:00 and then I couldn’t see it anymore. It left. ET phoned home. Apparently I was not the only one who saw it.

The fishing was great today, I fished 6 hours and caught 10 fish casting flies and couple more trolling. The Bay of Pigs is starting to shape up. Early in the morning, a bunch of stripers chased shad into a the north cove of the Bay and the bait fishermen got limits early and left. I fished the shallow flats around the brush piles and got some nice fish. Also fished the coves north of the launch and found fish casting right to shore in 5-10 feet of water. The water temps is now at 62 degrees and the fish are pairing up. I saw numerous follows and small schools of stripers swimming in the shallows. Not all were agressive though. Fast strips with pauses on a rattled white and chartreuse marabou streamer tied on a jig hook.


3 thoughts on “UFO Sighting over San Luis Reservoir

  1. today about 854pmi my frined and i saw at san luis reservoir 10 lights in line ,vertically lined up going up into the deep sky, then ome by one started to dissapear in to, i guess deeper sky or call it void. it was like , wtf. i knkw it wasnet chinese lanterns, positive of it. what really caught mybattention even more so is that first light literallt dl fades into nothingness the the 2nd on n so on. my friend cound get creal pic, ut doesn make justtice , but you may see it attatched.

  2. About 10 years ago I was driving to San Jose last in the evening (approx midnight). I had just turned off of the 5 freeway onto the 152 and was on the cell phone talking to my wife. All of the sudden a light shined up in the sky above the reservoir. I commented to my wife that it was strange a light just appeared above the reservoir. It remained stationary for approx 30 seconds to 1 minute. All of the sudden it was like a rocket and propelled downward toward the water. I was pretty startled at that and said out loud “WHOA!!! What the??” My wife was asking me what the problem was. I told her what I saw – and to this day I have no explanation for it… Strange!

  3. My son also saw this object on his way to work in Holister. He was heading West on 152 out of Los Banos.

    He described it as looking sort of like a WWII bomb in shape, circular with a square shape.

    He tried to record it on his cell phone but the image is not as good as yours.

    NICE FISH! I live on the coast and fish stripers from Capitola to San City along the beaches. We get a fish here now and then, a few at SeaCliff last week.

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