Pronghorn 2012 -The Lake of Monsters.

The biomass in Pronghorn Lake must be incredible!  Between the 6 of us fishing the lake for two days,  two fish were caught over 20 lbs and at least a dozen over 5 lbs. Overall we all caught in total hundreds of fish.    That makes this lake one of the most prolific TROPHY trout lakes I have ever fished.   Unfortunately, luck would have it that I personally did not land anything over 5 lbs but they were definitely in the lake and catchable!    The weather was extremely cold and the wind didn’t help much either.    Also there was a very bright moon in the sky every night but despite all the downfalls, I personally caught at least a dozen fish every day.  I love the fact that most of the fish were caught on flies smaller than Size 16–primarily midge pupa.  Small olive and black Copper Johns did the trick also.   On another note,  not as much streamer action as last year in October.   Hot sticks on the trip were Wayne, Roland, Wes , Danny and Bryan–basically everyone but me!  I will return to this lake in October and I can wait to see how it fishes then.  I will be prepared.   

On another note,  this lake is about two hours from Eugene which is where Mark will be attending College at the University of Oregon.  Ill be fishing this beautiful  lake near Bonanza Oregon more often in the next 4 years.

2 thoughts on “Pronghorn 2012 -The Lake of Monsters.

  1. Those are some really nice fish….did you decide on Marks College location first or the lake for fishing first and Marks college location second….., now lets see what I can do in the great NorthWest this summer w/ my Ming pole. Ann

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