Year of the Snake – Day of the Dinks

IMG_2403The solonar tables predicted an EPIC day today this Chinese New Year. But instead of a parade of landed fish, all I caught were 5 dinks. I concentrated on the edges of the channels and the rock wall today. I fished the area between the islands and not a touch. I tied some skulpin flies since last weeks fish were stuffed with them but didn’t get a touch on them. The forebay was packed with boats (around 12 boats no flyfishermen) and the ranger told me on my way out that most people did not get any fish. While I was trailering my boat, an old timer and his buddy were pulling in with a stringer of stripers. They told me that they had caught about 10 over 18 trolling 4 inch Rapalas between the yellow buoys and the wall in the deepest part of the forebay. That is just about the only place I didn’t fish today.

3 thoughts on “Year of the Snake – Day of the Dinks

  1. Yea I know the drive gets tougher the older we get. Used to drive to the delta (3 hrs from Carmel Valley) fish all day then drive home at night. Don’t think I’m doing that anymore. Good luck with the stripers this spring.

  2. Hi Meng
    I have fly fished the forbay and big lake on and off since 1975. I like your website and the videos you produce. The thing about those lakes, as you know, your going to get your good days and not so good days. Going to start fishing in the next couple of weeks. Will give you a heads up if I hit some good fishing. Keep up the good work with the videos.
    Ps Nacimento white bass fishing should start 1st or 2nd week in march. If you have not done that you should. Downscale everything and its tons of fun. Go during the week and there are very few people there, at least in March. If you have any questions email me

    • Thanks Jerry, I have never fished Naciamento and I have heard its tons of fun from the many flyfishermen. Wish it was closer. You know when you have a free day and your trying to pick the best and easiest spot to fish within an hour, options like the Delta, the Sac and the Feather make it hard to fish for anything smaller or fewer.

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