The Boys of Summer are back…..

The Boys of Summer are back. Dan Blanton, Tom Malec, and Steve Santucci were all out on the lake this past week and slammin’ them. Mr Santuccci’s clients landed two 17 lbrs on the lake on Wednesday on large Brown and Blue Clousers. Impressive! I bet those big ones are on the other side of the lake. Ill have to try the backwaters this weekend. It’s a great time to take out Striper Flyfishing Novices because the Fly Bite is on! Len Bearden use to say “…if you want a trophy striper, be at the Bay of Pigs the first week of May! Its Pig Time!

2 thoughts on “The Boys of Summer are back…..

  1. Hi Meng
    Glad you found them. That’s we’re we were a few days before. Hope you find some bigger fish in the mix.

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