My Nightmare Experience with JW Flooring and Home Depot Carpet

My Nightmare experience with Home Depot and JW Floor Covering started about a month ago when I decided to change the 10 year old carpet out in our dental office. I had no idea that getting new carpet in my dental office would cost me so much in lost income and weekends working and all because of the incompetence of JW Floor Covering–one of the most unprofessional companies I have delt with in 30 years of practice. I have completed 5 commercial carpet and flooring installs, and built two offices in the last 30 years. JW flooring comes across professional but they don’t come through with their promises, and have no regard for the effort and work that the client takes to prepare for the carpet. You can not depend on them to show up for installations, and when they do, the workmanship is generally poor.

I write this review again waiting for JW Floor Covering to show up for a carpet install in my office–they are two hours late again.

It all started a month ago when I went to Home Depot to order some commercial carpet for my dental office. Home depot charges more for a commercial installation than it does for a home install. As explained to me by Home Depot, “it takes more skill and knowledge to install in high use commercial offices”. I bought premium carpet and was informed by home depot that it does not require a pad since it is glued down. I scheduled a Friday installation and closed my office that day to prepare for the carpet installation which is not an easy task in a dental office. I hired staff to move furniture, dental equipment, disconnected computers, and refrigerators. We moved a Xray machine off the carpet and it took about 3 hours that morning with all staff to complete the preparation. That afternoon, I paid one employee to wait for the 1:00-3:00PM installation. At 4:00p, an hour after the scheduled window, I get a call from JW flooring telling me that the installers can not come and that they want to reschedule for another day. After protest having cancelled an entire day of patients for the install, and paying my staff to prepare, they finally agreed to get someone out on the weekend to install before business on Monday.

Saturday morning the installers showed up, two hours after I was told they would start. The truck had a pink carpet on the roof rack the carpet I ordered stuffed in the cab.  I asked about the pink carpet and they told me that they had just removed it from a house a day after they installed it because the owners said it was the wrong color. That should have been a warning to me. After asking me if I brought the siding, which home depot makes the customer pick up from the store and deliver to the installer (three 30 lb boxes).   The first thing they did when they came in is ask me how to remove the molding that was glued to the wallpaper!   I didn’t answer them and they took out a razor blade and started hacking at a piece of border molding, cutting it off the wallpaper.

Sunday, I spent the entire day putting back all the furniture and equipment to prepare for work the next day.  I noticed blotchy stains all over the carpet.  The carpet seems were darker than the rest of the carpet.  Some of the molding was peeling off.  I being more concerned about reopening the office and getting back to work, was optimistic that a little extra glue and some carpet cleaner might make things good.  But, my staff and patients started to notice the carpets and some were saying that it was not that simple.  I started to miss my  ten year old carpet that looked better than the new install.

On Wednesday, I contacted JW flooring and they sent an inspector out. That inspector came out to look and told us to buy some carpet cleaner from home depot to clean the spots that must have been the result of dirty shoes on the installers.  Also,  he recommended we put a throw run over the heavy use area bellow the reception area.  I bought the cleaning  product and a runner at Home Depot.  The Folex Spot Cleaner did not work.   I called JW flooring to send out another inspector to SHOW us how to remove the stains on our new old carpet. The second inspector that came out informed us that the carpet stains were actually the cement below the carpet, seeping up through the carpet and that the installation was done incorrectly. He agreed to reinstall the carpet at their cost.  He also informed us that there should have been a pad placed and that they would pay for one in the next install since they had to redo it.   Home Depot should have sold me one and placed it the first time but the staff at the Blossom Hill Home Depot was not knowledgeable enough about commercial installs.  I called JW flooring to tell them how upset I was with this whole installation and a supervisor assured me that they would reinstall the carpet properly with installers trained in glue down carpet and commercial installs.   We made a appointment a month out.  Plenty of time to firm up an re-installation appointment on a botched install

I closed the office for half a day Friday to prepare for the Saturday install appointment that I made a month ago. Before starting, I called JW flooring to confirm that they were coming tomorrow and they assured me that the appointment was on. I had the staff prepare the office again for carpet, covering all sterile surfaces with plastic and removing furniture and equipment from the carpet. As we were finishing up around 3:00pm after three hours of hard work, JW flooring calls me and asks me if they can reschedule the installation! AGAIN! I asked to speak to a supervisor, and after he reviewed our nightmare history, he cancelled someone else’s installation in order to have a team scheduled for our office on Saturday. He gave me a time of 8:00AM that they would be at my office.

Saturday morning I arrived at the office at 7:45am hoping that maybe they were early. Didn’t happen.  I started calling the operators at 9:00.  The first operator told me that they only give time windows and that my install appointment was between 8:00-10:00.  I waited till 10:15 to call back and the second operator put me on hold and told me that the installer will call me in 15 minutes.    After not getting a phone call from him,  I called at 10:45 again and the third operator puts me on hold and tells me that the installer is 15 minutes out.   The installer arrives at 11:40am.

After showing the installers where the bathrooms and cold water are, I explain how the carpets were installed incorrectly and he then tells me that he won’t be able to finish the carpet install this weekend. Francesco examined the carpet and showed me how the carpet had been glued to the floor without a pad. He explained to me that he would have to cut the carpet into 2×2 squares in order to remove it from the floor before installing the new pad and carpet.  I would have thought that he would have been informed by the inspector what was needed to fix the original carpet install, but apparently no one at JW really talks to each other.  They had a month to figure it out, and after promising me an install over the weekend,  the day of the install, they inform me that its impossible.   The poor installer was stuck telling me there would be no way to do the job in less than three full days.  At this point I was ready to stop doing business with JW Floor Covering and sue them for a terrible job and all the lost wages and time it cost me.  I asked him if he knew that this was a reinstall and he said no.   I told him that I did not want to start the reinstall if it could not be completed this weekend and that I would hire another company to install since it would be cheaper than to go a week without carpet.

It was Francesco that came up with the idea that we might be able to install a pad and  carpet over the original install.  I asked him what pad he brought with him and he told me that he wasn’t informed that we needed one!  His supervisor  didn’t even tell him that the install needed a pad when we agreed on that a month ago.  It took him two hours to go get the pad and he started the install at 2:00PM and finished at 8:00.  As a consequence of putting a 1/4 inch pad and carpet over the original install,  I was stuck with cutting down 5 doors. Cutting down doors is not picnic. Thanks to my good friend and carpenter, Sunday morning, we cut and hung the 4 doors perfectly and I had the office put back together and reconnected the network  by 3:00 that afternoon.

Franceso and his did a great job even though they showed up two hours late.  He and his 3 helpers worked there tail off to get that carpet in and looking good,  but I still wont do business with JW ever again.  It was unprofessional of JW Floor Covering not to have briefed and prepared the crew that was fixing there initial screw up on a commercial installation.  As a consequence, we had to cut down 5 doors on a Sunday in order to open on Monday. Between lost days at work,  extra hours of payroll to prepare and replace appliances and office furniture, and cutting the doors,  I figure JW floor covering cost me an extra $5000 on top of the $3000 I paid for the carpet and siding for a mere 1000 sq feet of commercial carpet.

A week after the  “final installation” of the carpet and placement of the rubber floor molding.   The rubber floor molding started to just fall off the wall.   I called the quality assurance guys out again and they said the contractor used the wrong glue for the floor molding.  after two weeks of waiting for someone to fix it.   A guy claiming to be an expert at installing molding brought a staple gun and some glue and proceeded to staple the loose molding to the wall.  Micky Mouse fix.   He only did the pieces that were falling off and said the rest was ok.   Well a week later, all the pieces that he didn’t fix started to fall off.   I bought molding cement and fixed it myself.  NEVER NEVER NEVER again.   Do not use Home Depot and JW Flooring .  They are a big company that contract incompetent local installers that promise you everything and deliver nothing.




19 thoughts on “My Nightmare Experience with JW Flooring and Home Depot Carpet

  1. I am 81 years old and my wife is 79. I am quite crippled and walk with a cane /and or a walker. We bought carpeting from Home Depot because they said that they move furniture and JW Flooring would do they install. JW called us at 4:00 in the afternoon and told us that the installers would be there between 9 and 11 the next morning. We worked until mid night and were up at 6:00 the next morning moving our personal things out of the house. The installers showed up at 9:30. They were two young men who basically could not speak English. They took out their phones and started to take photos as soon as they walked in the house. I had speaker wires taped on the top of my entertainment center. I had the electronics unhooked and setting in the entertainment center and I was going to take them out and put them in the kitchen which was the only place in the house that had any room left. They went in our bedroom. We use an electric blanket in the winter. We had the controls laying on the bed. We also had an add on safety rail for my wife. There was a mattress cover on both beds that we had not had time to remove before they arrived. They did not understand enough English to talk to us. They went out to their van. After about ten minutes one of them came inand said in very broken English something to the effect that “JW call in ten minutes”. They then went to their van and left. JW called and said that they don’t move electric beds (blanket controls) or electronics (wires on the entertainment center). They didn’t try to communicate with us. JW said that they would reschedule us later in the next month. No they won’t. We were exhausted from our efforts and had to face moving everything back into the house. We will be looking for a different installer. A friend who is an attorney said that this constitutes breach of contract and advised us to sue Home Depot and JW Flooring.

    • I just had a “nightmare experience” with Home Depot and its J&W flooring contractor (HD). To the point, HD nailed new grey stained flooring baseboard molding to pre-existing 40 year old dark brown baseboard molding instead of removing the older molding from 1979 when the house was built.

      The only other major breach of contract was the oak flooring was stained grey without my prior knowledge.


  2. What do you want if you can not pick up in store items they stock. It’s up to you to pick an installer vs them using anyone standing around the parking lot to install. They are not a company that installs for reviews and it is always double talk from home depot mangers or people they use.

  3. I’m glad I read these blogs before I allowed Home Depot to get JW Flooring to install my laminate flooring. I’ll hire somebody myself. Thanks to all of you for the advice, just sorry you had to go through such nightmares!

  4. OMG! I wish I had read this before I bought carpet from Home Depot and had JW install it. I am in the middle of a huge nightmare of an installation job. The first attempt. The installers came an hour early – at 7:00 am instead of 8. My son and I were not done moving the furniture, and the installers just left. Did not say anything, just left! I called home depot at 8:00, asking when they were be back and they said I was taken off the books for the day because we were not ready. I explained the “email” and confirmation phone call left said between 8:00-10:00. I was not ready at 7:00 am. But there was no respect for the paying customers time, they said the JW flooring manager “jennifer” would look over the situation and get back to me. To make a long story short, JW Flooring shows up on Sat. without a confirmation notice and my husband it there. He calls me at work and says,”They are here to lay the carpet?, I thought you told Home Depot to just cancel the order” ; which i did, but they didn’t want to lose a sale; so Brandy, at home depot customer service must of convinced, Jennifer at JW to get on the ball and do the install job.
    SO, after a full day of laying the carpet in the upstairs bedrooms and loft, my husband tips the boys $200.00 and off they go. We have friends over for dinner and I don’t do a complete walk through till then next morning. I have attached the pictures….. The carpet looks like I bought it a big lots, was pieces together at different grain points, and there are random cuts, that were over cut in places. I take pictures and go in to Home Depot, where the CS girl was very helpful and sends me to Christina in flooring. Christina, gets the ball rolling so a repair team is sent to be the “fixer” on the situation. The “fixer” is like….”Can’t be fixed. It was measured wrong. The carpet should not have been laid like this.” and leaves. AGAIN, I am calling to see what the next steps are. Finally, someone responds and says an “inspector” is coming out to assess the situation. The inspector comes a couple weeks later; and says very little and leaves.
    I have heard nothing since. I paid a lot of money that I saved in tips over the years to finally re do the carpet upstairs that was over 12 years old. I am so disappointed in Home Depot, JW flooring and myself. I should have just stayed with “just cancel it” when JW was so arrogant about respecting others time and just leaving when they had arrived an hour earlier than the appointment they set.

  5. JW Floor Covering and Home Depot have been my worst nightmare also! Simple vinyl floor in bathroom for rental property. JW Floor refuses to do anything, yet Home Depot charges for it. 2 Trips out to install floor and they just leave saying floor is not in pristine condition to install floor. What horror and nightmare

  6. November 11, 2018

    Nightmare happens again with JW Floor Covering!!!

    Install date is Nov 1 to 9, 2018 this is what they have told me the time frame to have flooring installed.
    And i have to earn so much PTO at work to use on this project and purchased to accomodate on there time frame knowing that they could deliver?

    Nov 1st – called JW flooring to verify if install is on… they said yes… the reason i called cause no one called as courtesy call that they are on the way… because according to their office people the work starts 7:30 am and give them allowance and they should be on their way… it was not 7:30 at all … installer called and that is after an hour saying they are coming from the other side of town and traffic… and found out that they are not really to start as mention 7:30… but between 8 to 10 am… wow, executive hours!!
    When they arrive at home they found out that it needs to be acclimated because the material was sitting in the garage when it came… and we discussed what needed to do and willing to work with them…
    These two people decided to start Monday 11/5 – our discussion they can complete the job in 3 days

    Monday 11/5 – [note time frame as schedule is from Nov 1 to 9] they already skipped 1st and 2nd and acclimation is already way 48 hours or 72 hours which ever they wanted… [not sure if there office knows about there plans]
    The worst part of this Monday 11/5 – first installer called with an excuse of not having the other one because of injury and in short whatever his excuse he may not show up to start the job.
    So nothing was started Monday….

    Tuesday 11/6 – first installer showed up late around 9:00 [these are executive hours to start the job] by himself i know his not going anywhere to finish even one bedroom which was a good guess of mine…

    Wednesday 11/7 – same one person working [remember this is the person who said they can do it in 3 days]
    The fact that their company has knowledge about the injury or not they never send a helper! Whats up with that JW! Where is the customer service satisfaction… install completed none, second bedroom is halfway done…

    Thursday 11/8 – finally the injured person is well enough to show up and work to help and so thankfull knowing the install will go quickly – mind you… these worker they dont leave the work place clean enough to show there consideration to home owners… we have to clean it up whatever bits and pieces left behind for our safety walking around the house…
    I spoke to the second person trying to get assurance if this install will be completed by Friday which is Nov 9 as the time frame they told me by personnel office who all started this messy schedule [that has no knowledge what their workers are planning] and the guy said we should be “able to”…

    Friday 11/9 – the liars and incompetent slowly showing their image of how unprofessional the people from scheduling to installers… none was completed on the schedule time frame from Nov 1 to Nov 9, 2018.

    Saturday 11/10 [over due] – these people does not know delivery on time… with days and time they have wasted they are not the type of company [JW Flooring] should be allowed to have associated with Home Depot to work with certain job…they could be milking Home Depot… and to the installer they could be also milking JW and it looks like they are sucking each others!

    I had a talk with these installer and release my disappointment of how these purchased was not a satisfaction to us as customer… from their point of view they are blamming the material drop off saying it was not acclimated inside the house and they cannnot do it without preping it as required … which is tecnically yes and was done as they requested thru the whole weekend… the question is did you guys started early to enable to complete… obviously did not! [again does the company they work with knows?]

    To all the people who is able to read these comment… please scrutinized the company with questions like … can you deliver on time? Be reminded of this what happen to us knowing that we have faith with Home Depot in the beginning that is now diminishing…and that because of the third party they associate with…

    Today Nov11 – one installer showed up to “complete” the flooring installation that we purchased… my disappointment is now way up there… there will be complaints to compensate the weekends these people took away from us… the fact that they will leave still unfinished portion when i check every corner…
    First complaint will go to Home Depot
    Send complaint will go to JW Flooring
    Third complaint will go to Better Business Buearu
    And maybe if anyone have an idea for a small claim court i will go further more… these has to stop in some point for the sake of other home owners…who are honest to the society and living decently…

  7. They are due to show up finally today between 11am and 1pm cancelled twice, all let you folks know how it goes!

  8. We are in the same situation. We are now into the 3rd attempt to install a carpet in a rectangular room. JW can’t seem to get anything done properly. We had some issues when we used plantation shutters from Home Depot, we weren’t told there would be hardware visible, which we’ve never seen in 3 other installations. We were planning to place window blinds (13) in a new house, and we’ve decided not use Home Depot ever again. I think going to flooring and window covering specialty businesses is a much safer and professional bet.

  9. Hi,

    I’m almost one year into a flooring installation with JW floors. They’ve failed miserably for too many reasons to list. The material was damaged, stained, missing parts, colors didn’t match, installed incorrectly. My home was also damaged, tiles are broken, and walls were damaged.

    After literally 11 months of installing floors on the first story of a 3 bedroom home, they have failed again. The statement is they cannot get material that is no defective that still matches the floors they’ve already installed. Home Depot blames JW and JW blames Home Depot.

    Where does one go to find a good lawyer? No other options appear to be working and like I said, I’ve tried with Home Depot for almost a year now.

  10. Wow, I am right in the middle of my nightmare with JW flooring and Home Depot and stumbled upon these comments. It never occurred to me to google Home Depot and their flooring service before I ordered with them. I used them for speed and efficiency – so wrong. I am three weeks into my journey and was just told it will be another 5 weeks due to a mistake JW flooring made, and am trying to get Home Depot management to intervene now. Will update whether this is resolved or I will go down the terrible road some of these other bloggers have done. This could cost be substantial lost rents. I agree, the wheels are off the system – until they fix it, don’t order flooring with Home Depot.

  11. “My Nightmare” began the DAY before my install was to happen…I bought the carpet & padding at Home Depot…JW Flooring was supposed to do the install…I had to call THEM to confirm my appt.
    (mind you, I am 65 & live on SSDisability…it is difficult for me to lift items over 10 lbs, etc. & I was told by JW Flooring in May 2017 that I am responsible to remove knick knacks,books, etc …and they would move the larger furniture…), okay I’ve been preparing and packing small items into boxes to remove…Now I have had to pay alot of money to have repairs done ( previous owner totally lied about damages,..thats on me trusting the last old lady).. so the last thing to be done before I can sell was carpet replacement, I won’t try to cheat the next new owner! JW informs me that they won’t do install because it is a Park Model Mobile Home & it can be moved because it has wheels!!! I told them what type of home I needed to have the carpet install!! I asked WHY do you wait for TWO MONTHS to tell me this ? I have potential buyers coming the next week !! They tried to blame it on the guy who came here to take measurements & photos…saying there weren’t photos of the “trailer” …I said that there was I saw the young man take the photos…Then the jerk I was talking with says …Oh you’re right …I just pulled up your file & I can see it has wheels on it ,yeah we can’t do the install… I asked him,
    “why didn’t the last person I spoke with TWO MONTHS ago to schedule my install tell me that?
    HELLO the salesman at Home Depot didn’t tell me that info? All they asked was if it was a Travel Trailer..IT IS NOT …it takes a very large truck to move it & it will most likely never be moved …ALSO it is Located in a Trailer Park, space #19… Then the same jerk tells me …Well your carpet & padding is here at our shop if you want to come and Pick It Up!!! I told him I am 65 years old..& You Expect Me to Pick It Up??? Needless to say… I will Never Use Home Depot for any thing else.. Listen to Me …Do Not Use JW FLOORING…Do Not Count on Them,
    apparently they have Incompetent Management & their Employees are Always Looking for Better Companies to Work for!!! Meanwhile, Now I have to find someone else to do an install & I have to Buy Carpet …all in 4 days… I can only HOPE they get the Karma they truly deserve!!

  12. I had a horrible experience too. They charge lots of extra money to “level” the floor and then nailed down damaged boards on a snap and lock floor. Stole $2500 worth of stuff and took 10-11 months to finish after lots of prodding by Home Depot. Still mad about it to this day! And they took no responsibility and could have cared less. And the installer was arguing on the phone with another customer at my house …so I’m not the only one.

    • I should have, I got Home Depot to eat the cost of the new upgraded carpet and pad and reinstall which also sucked. JW flooring hires local contractors. They have no idea how good or bad the installers are and they dont care as long as they get a warm body in there trying to do the job. They where never ontime either.

      • I’m quite literally in the middle of a huge nightmare as well with Home Depot & JW Flooring, I have leveling concrete down the outside of my house where they pushed it through the sub floor and into my crawl space in such large qtys that it overflowed my crawl space and leaked out of the side of my vents and down the side of my house including all of the gashes, missing plaster from my walls, leveling concrete splashes over all walls and door jams and really shotty job in general. I’m going straight to small claims and not even messing with them.

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