Another Crappy Day on the Forebay

I wise flyfishermen once told me there is as much to learn on a bad day as a good day.  Because of last weeks  terrible day on the lake,  I decided to catch some fish at the forebay.  That didn’t work out.   I could not believe how the fish would not even look at any fly in my box today.   I was ready for bear today.   I tied a bunch of experimental flies that demonstrated great action.   Ive been working on a rear weighted Popovic Flex Fleye tied with craft fur and foil strips that looks like the Wakasagi Smelt.  Unfortunately, the fish were not interested in the old patterns let alone the new ones.  The lake was crowded,  but I didn’t see any other fly fishermen. I fished high and low, here and there, fast and slow with no success. The bass fishermen  also agreed that it was slow today.   The water was a bit off color and no water was being pumped in or out of lake.  The powerplant was not putting in water, and there was very little detectable current  at the wall across from Medirous.   I caught a micro dink but if not for that,  one of the worst days of the year so far.  At the end of the day,  I started to fish for LMBs with crankbaits, drop shot worms, rattle traps and plastic flukes an swimbaits.  When that failed,  I chased some schools of shad with a shad dart and flies with not success.  Finally,  I searched the flats for spawning carp and tried to catch\snag one for fun.   Insanity sets in when you don’t get hits for a long time….


A Blast from the Past  -Last Year APRIL 11, 2015


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