The Big Big Lake

The usual scenario is that the fish in San Luis Reservoir average larger than the fish in the Forebay even though they are harder to catch. With the lake twice as full as it has been the last 6 years, that rule no longer applies. Several of the regulars fished the lake yesterday with varying degrees of luck . A couple 8 pounders were caught yesterday on the west side and I though maybe the lake has finally started to produce for fly fishermen. Last year at this time, most of the action was in the bay of pigs and trash racks. Today, the trashracks are almost unfishable with stepped up dam police surveillance and deep water all around. The bay of pigs has three times more shoreline than Im use to fishing and the fish seem as confused as I am –the fish dont seem to want to hang around the nice new structure on the shoreline. I made the rounds today, I fished the coves around Basalt, I fished all the way to the back of Portuguese cove, hitting Lone Oak Bay hard, I fished the Cottonwood Rock Wall and marked a ton of fish there , but non would bite. I fished the Romero shoreline and the bay of pigs and nothing but sun legal fish all day.

Bob McCullom did well today at the forebay landing numerous fish over 18 inches. I, on the other hand, couldn’t find a single fish over 17 inches throwing every fly in my box. With the quantity of water coming in from the delta. I think there is new fish coming into the forebay. Some of my canal bait friends are doing well in the Mendota Canal with bait. The forebay is the clearing up also with water temps slightly higher than the lake. Next week its forebay time again. Last year in March, we had some epic days in the forebay catching lots of pre spawn fat stripers.

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