November Solonar Doldrums

November 16, 2018 -Its always when you want the solonar table to be wrong when you have a day like today.   I called up Steve Sakamaki to solidify our plans for Stroble Lake (Jurasic Lake) in a little over three weeks and decided to take him striper fishing  to warm up his casting arm for the trip.  Last week was pretty slow for me  (not for Steph) and we headed out on a calm, hazy day to San Luis Reservoir.  Ken Oda mentioned to me a couple days ago that the Forebay was putting out 12-16 inch stripers at will in the shallow water gorging on threadfin shad.   I had heard that from several others but decided to take him to the lake for some bigger fish.    We fished the Bay of Pigs looking for those schools of busting fish but they were gone as were the schools of shad.   I didn’t even see any shad in the shallows at the boat ramp.  After pounding the Bay of Pigs for a couple hours without a single fish,  we headed over to the trash racks,  We got in close and fished around the structure shallow and deep.  The only schooling fish we saw were on the bottom to 100 feet and the vertical jiggers anchored around the racks were getting a couple good fish every hour or so.   There was no sign of  fish around the racks maybe because the pumps were off.   I think we are expecting our first rains next week.     Next we fished the bridge to the racks right to the dam and when we got to 20 feet of water,  we picked up 4 fish – two keepers.   At least we got a couple.     We fished other areas as well.  Cottonwood,  the bays east of Basalt with no metered fish or action.   Ken Oda fished the BOP east to west and picked up 8.   He also saw many fish on the bottom.

Im getting excited about fishing in Argentina next month and am starting to pack and tie flies.   From what I can ascertain from the internet,  it looks pretty easy and much of my Christmas Island gear will be appropriate for Jurassic.  I am looking at bringing a Switch Rod for extreme wind  and a short 8 wgt Bass rod for the stream along with a battery of 8 and 9 wgt 9 footers.   I think the operative words for our trip are strong hooks and be ready for wind.





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