First Stripers of 2019



Saturday Jan 19, 2019:   It seems like months have gone buy since fishing San Luis but not so much time that I didn’t remember how slow it was for me last November. Last year was not a banner year for me at the Lake. The fall fishing in the Delta was pretty good with lots of fish and larger size averages. The Spring was  good at the racks but the really big fish didn’t show up for me in 2018.  Hopefully 2019 will be a great year at the lake.

Today I headed out to the lake for the first time this year. Dan Dee and Steve Santucci fished the lake yesterday and only caught a few fish.  Dan Dee saw a huge fish follow a striper to the boat in the BOP.    I talked to Vaughn yesterday and we agreed to hunt the lake together.     It was a three star Solonar day with a peak at 10:30 am  and 3:00 pm.  The weather was perfect,  the water was clear and the lake was 15 feet from full.   There were 30 boat trailers at the Basalt Launch and 25 at Dino according to Vaughn.   I dont remember when there were so many boats on the lake on a winter day,   The dam police weren’t around all day long and there were a dozen boats doing well around the racks vertical jigging 

I fished the east side mainly today starting at  9:00 in the Bay of Pigs and fishing the dam up to the trash racks and hitting Romero before going home at 3:30.   I only managed to catch 4 fish but they were all keepers and the biggest was 5 lbs.   At least Gina would be happy with a dinner out of todays efforts.   It was really slow for fly fishermen today.  the fish seemed to be deep and I saw a few fish caught by downrigger trollers and vertical Jig fishermen.   

Its not Jurrasic Lake, but its there for me every weekend.  It was a good day and Im back to playing with Stripers for awhile and looking forward to it. 

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