Wind Games

Wednesday June 7, 2023. –  The lake has been good for the last couple weeks for those fishermen brave enough to go out in unpredictable winds.   As of late,  The three phone apps that I use to predict the wind conditions on the lake are WindAlert, Windfinder and Windy have been wrong.    In the old days I also relied on the Windline Phone number  but it was taken down last year.   I can’t believe they took it down since I believe its a safety issue not having it.   So far this year till recently,  the accuracy of the predictions have been about 95 Percent and errors have been predicting more wind that what actually occurred.    But recently,  the predictions have not been that accurate.   This time of year seems to be harder to predict but all the programs do show real time wind conditions and now I look at the gusts data more carefully .   Calmer days with big gusts are very very unpredictable.

I was ready to go again today Saturday, June 3. 2023 but again what I had hoped would be steady winds under 10mph tuned out to be higher gusty winds to 25 mph.    Thats not fun on the lake.  Below is the real time Wind information from the PGE website,


Wind Alert



National Weather Service

PGE Realtime Weather on San Luis Reservoir

WIllyWeather Real time

O’Neill Forebay Water Level Information

San Luis Reservoir Water Level Information



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