The Wind Cancels my fishing day

July 24, 2023 – I was hoping to fish today but got “Wind Blocked”.   Instead, my buddy Vaughn inspired me to write poetry instead…..


Ode to the Red Light

In a lake where winds prevail, Amidst the gusts, a tale unveils, Of anglers bold, with hearts afire, To chase the striped bass, their heart’s desire.

With lines cast forth, in rhythmic flight, They dance with gusts, as day turns night, A ballet with the zephyr’s tune, Beneath the ever-changing moon.

The waves may surge, relentless might, Yet hope ignites, a steadfast light, For in this tempest’s wild embrace, A chance to see a striper’s grace.

With patience, skill, and steadfast will, They wade through winds, a forceful thrill, The fly upon the water’s face, A silent prayer, a dance of grace.

In shadows cast upon the lake, The striper lurks, its presence opaque, Its hunger stirs beneath the waves, A primal urge that nature craves.

The fly, a mimic of the prey, Tempts the bass to seize its play, In windswept gusts and water’s swirl, A primal dance, a hunting whirl.

And in that moment, time stands still, As line and fish converge at will, A battle waged, both fierce and fair, Amidst the wind’s tumultuous flair.

Oh, fly fisher, embrace the breeze, The challenge, and the thrill it frees, For in this lake where winds don’t cease, The spirit soars, finds inner peace.

As daylight fades and winds subside, They release the bass with heartfelt pride, For in this dance of wind and wave, A bond is formed that time won’t shave.

So let the winds forever blow, In that lake where striped bass grow, For in the struggle and the fight, Fly fishing finds its purest light.

Meng Syn 2023


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