Still Can’t Find Them in Forebay but the Lake is good.

Wednesday August 23, 2023 – After last weeks no hitter,  I wasn’t planning on fishing the forebay again today but Brian had fished the forebay yesterday and he told me he got 4 fish in 1 1/2 hours.    So, I started fishing the power station  at around 8:00.  Water was coming in and there was enough current coming in that I had to spot lock on the rock wall just to make a couple casts.    I couldn’t find a fish to feed off the wall and went out where the current mixed with the main body of the forebay.    I metered some larger schools of stripers and lots of bait in about 18 feet of water.   I just couldn’t figure it out in the forebay today.   Not a bite even though Im sure my fly went through or near schools of fish.    To add even more shame,   there was only one other boat on the forebay-a troller with 4 down riggers.   Maybe I was a bit paranoid but it seemed like every spot I moved to,  that boat would troll by me about 40 feet away.     On one pass they hooked a fish right next to me.  They were trolling at about 8 mph and pulling big lures.     I on the other hand had no hits all morning  so I decided to go to the lake and fish the Bay of Pigs.

I started fishing the shallows at the end of Bay of Pigs and worked around to the dam with no hits. Positioning my boat about 50 ft from the rocks and slowly moving  parallel. I started fishing slow and deep down the face of the dam and fed half a dozen fish from  Dave’s Rock to Monument. Seems like the fish preferred slow retrieves and long pauses today   It was tough today.  Lots of casts and not a lot of hits or fish but a couple of the fish were over 23 inches. I brought a couple home and made dinner for Gina and watched the Debate.   At least the weather was nice as was the dinner.   The wind was light and temperatures never got above 90 degrees.     The water is definitely warming up and sits around 80 degrees in the shallows.

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