A No Hitter on the the Forebay

November 3, 2023 – I decided to try the Forebay today hoping that it would start to pick up as the lake starts to slow down but ended a short day from 9-1 with not even a touch despite all the ingredients for a a great day except feeding fish.   I livescoped the entire forebay and could not find a substantial school of fish.   I did manage to find  concentrations of holding fish around structure and cycled through a bunch of different fly patterns ,  Sinking lines and retrieves with no interest at all.

There are still schools of bait swimming around but it doesn’t appear that they are being chased by fish as all.   Either the fish are full or just not in a feeding mood.    Water temps were in the 60’s annd I even found a mudline at the powerhouse where there was a slight current .   I figured that would be the best chance for a fish.     I spent lots of time fishing slowely the entire area around the powerhouse without a touch.

The current at the powerplant was pretty minimal but enough to make a long mudline out to the middle of the forebay.   Moving along the edge,  I metered schools of bait with no stripers chasing.    Also the fish I did see were only couples and singles around the bait.   I resorted to throwing plugs and flukes as well with no interest.

Brian was also fishing the forebay today and hadn’t caught any stripers by noon although he caught an LMB.    He decided to head to the lake at noon.   I thought about following but instead spent another couple hours on the powerhouse fish hoping to change my luck with plugs and flukes.   I think the lake is slowing down as well but at least its been more consistant than the forebay  with feeding fish.    I hope to spend Sunday or Monday working the rocks and maybe Cottonwood.   I saw three boats trolling there on the way in this morning.

Vaughn fished the lake three days ago with Bobby V and Wayman .  They picked up 25 to 30 fish up to 5 lbs fishing the rocky points on the west shoreline of the lake.  Today Brian got zero in the Bay of Pigs.    At least the weather was nice..

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