The Passing of Charlie Bunch

I had the pleasure of meeting Charlie Bunch for the first time while we were fishing the Sapsuk in 2021. Charlie left a lasting impression on me. He had a knack for bursting into song while we were out on the river, much like myself, and he shared my love for music. His kindness, infectious sense of humor, and expertise as a seasoned spey fisherman in the Alaskan waters were truly remarkable. I was eagerly anticipating our next fishing expedition in September, but tragically, he unexpectedly passed away last month. Charlie, you will be dearly missed.

Zippy and Charlie Together Again

2 thoughts on “The Passing of Charlie Bunch

  1. Lynn and I knew Charley for 44 years. He and Lynn were fishing buddies. He was a kind man. His sense of humor amusing. His sense of honor unsurpassed. Our children grew up together. We were family. He called me his sister. This whole in my heart may never heel. Our children called him uncle.

  2. Beautiful words, Charley became a big part of my life including teaching me to fly fish (have not exactly mastered it yet:) and made me a rod I will cherish always. We miss him everyday.

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