Henderson Spring Early Season Scouting

Some weekends in life stand out as truly special, and my recent trip to Henderson Springs during the last week of March was one such occasion. While I’ve had memorable fishing trips there before, this one was particularly unique due to the small group of close friends who joined me. These are friends I rarely see except on these excursions.


Since last year’s wives’ trip, I’ve grown fond of Peter and Wayne. Spending nights around the campfire with our wives sharing stories has allowed me to truly get to know them. I also had the privilege of meeting Rolf Lygren, Wayne’s childhood friend and a talented watercolor artist. His painting of the fire pit on Long Lake now adorns the main cabin wall, a beautiful reminder of our time together.  Plus Rolf’s text messages are next level and worthy of an NFT.   And then there’s Norm, a skilled fly fisherman and retired lawyer, whose old-school humor kept us laughing throughout the weekend.


One highlight of our trip was the culinary adventure we embarked on. What began as a simple plan to save money by cooking our own meals turned into an Iron Chef competition among Peter, Wayne, and myself. Each night, one of us took charge of dinner, showcasing our culinary skills in the intimate kitchen of the cabin. From Wayne’s expertise with roasted meats to Peter’s British culinary flair and my attempts to recreate my mom’s recipes, the food became a central focus of our time together.

Despite the challenging weather—cold, windy, with continuous rain, hail, and snow—our meals became the highlight of each day. Chef Wayne and Sous Chef Rolf prepared a delectable rack of lamb on Thursday, followed by my Chinese-style steamed sea bass on Friday, and Peter’s magnificent Elk Backstrap Rack on Sunday.  Mark Henderson, our gracious host, even joined us for dinner on two nights, sharing fascinating stories of his travels and encounters with notable figures like Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

Of course, we didn’t let the weather dampen our spirits for fishing. Despite dealing with a pinhole leak in my waders and battling hypothermia, I managed to stay on the water from 9 to 7 every day. The fishing was rewarding, with plenty of catching averaging a fish every 15 minutes. The largest one I landed measured 26 inches and weighed an estimated 9 pounds.


Our fishing adventures took us to various lakes in the area. I started the week at Clear Lake, where I had success fishing chironomids and pink Squirmy Wormies. The unexpected emergence of Calibatis duns added an exciting twist to the day. Frog Lake provided a productive outing on Friday, with the highlight being a 9-pound fish caught on a chironomid.On Saturday, despite the crowded conditions at Big Lake, we found success at Clear Lake before moving on to Big Lake in the afternoon. Sunday morning, I concluded the trip with a visit to Pony Lake, where I experimented with different fishing techniques and had success using a burnt orange seal bugger dredging the middle.

Reflecting on the trip, I’ve already started planning for my next visit to Henderson Springs. With just four weeks until my return, I’m hopeful for better weather and more opportunities for dry fly fishing. The upcoming Hex season in May promises even more excitement on the water

Some Fish

The Food 

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  1. Great reporting summary from an incredibly passionate man that is a great fisherman, gadget/accessory creator to the highest, and a heck of a chef too. So nice meeting you Meng!

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