Christmas Island 2008

It seems so familair.  I have never returned to Christmas Island in Kirabati on two consecutive years.  Last year we were told, “You dont want to come to Christmas Island right after the full moon because the fishing is too easy and the fish are too big.”  Personally, I like easy and big and so we booked the easy big trip.  Well, as it turns out,  when we got there, the fish spawn on Paris Flat in large schools and the fishing is much like opening day on the Smith River as we lined up on the shore virtually elbow to elbow waiting for a black cloud of fish to swim within casting range, not what I would call classic bonefishing.  Anyways, I did land two of the biggest bonefish of my life at 25 and 26 inches and I took a ton of video with my new Xacti HD1000 and my Nikon d3.  And, there is no better company than with Wayne, Wes, Mike , Mark and John.

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