El Salto Lodge

Whats better than taking your son out of school to go fishing in Mexico for a week? Nuthin’. This mid school year expedition took place near Mazatlan at a lake called El Salto, home of the next world record largemouth bass. This trip was special in that my cousin Wayne and my Uncle Yun were also present. The first time that this combination of family has fished together. Mark was amazing, having learned only a week ago how to cast an open faced casting reel with precision–a skill that most adult bass fisherman have not mastered with years of practice. The goal was to cast lures within inches of the bank at 30 feet or feel no fish.
The El Salto Lodge is the best bargin on the lake. Compared to Angler’s Inn which although more westernized (and more expensive) lacks the native guides that El Salto Lodge employes.

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