Len Bearden – “The king is dead…”

“Here’s tae us! There’s gey few like us–and they’re a’ damned or deid!”
Hogmanay toast, trad. attr. Gordon Highlanders

Few people stay connected to you for your whole life from childhood that are not your relatives. Because we shared the same passion for FLY FISHING  in the 70’s,  Len took a chance on a young kid with no life experience and hired me, mentored me, and toughened me up at the Millpond in Los Gatos.  Through my education, my marriage and family, and my career, he was my fishing partner , my patient, and one of the last friends of his generation that I could count on . So many from that generation that he and I called friends, are gone now–Myron Gregory, Andy Puyans, Bob Nauheim, Mike Fong, Ernest Schwiebert, Mel Krieger, Kay Mitsioshi, Lee Wulff, Poly Rosborough, Bill Schaadt, and many more They are missed but  not forgotten…..

Me then…

One thought on “Len Bearden – “The king is dead…”

  1. Hi Meng-
    I really liked your video on Len Bearden. I am good friends with Dave his son and coached his son Trevor in soccer many years ago before he became a great football player. I saw Dave last night and I told him I found your website and all you shared about his Dad and we talked about the fishing he did with him over the years. I also have fished San Louie since I was your age and I am sure we fished by each other at some time over the years. Mostly shore fishing with my Dad! Love your website and appreicate the information. Trying to learn to fly fish for stripers and trying to figure out Lake Louie! Dave said he was going to give you a call to catch a ride with you sometime to fish the lake again. So don’t be surprise when he contacts you in the near future. I got him fired up to get out and fish! Anyway thank you again for your insite and fishing experience.
    Stef VDBH (San Martin)

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