The Syn Family Bidwell Flyfishing Trip II

This will be the second time that Wayne and I have brought our families together to camp and fish at the Wilderness Unlimited Ponds near Burney California.   I have fond memories of those ponds because it was where Mia caught her first trout 17 years ago and wear my dad really learned to fish dry flies.   I love fishing with Mathew Michael and Emily.   Mark and Mia really had a good time also.

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The coolest thing this trip was experimenting with an underwater enclosure for my Nikon d700 and my ultra wide 14-24 FX lens.  I have always wanted to take those cool underwater photos of trout found on sites like Catch Magazine and so I researched and bought a EWA Marine waterproof enclosure for my wide angle and dove in.  The trick is to have Wes or Mark lead the fish to the lens and try to take shots of the fish coming at the lens   This is much harder than it sounds and the water is COLD!

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