The tug is the drug…

The best way to save money on Cyber Monday is to be on a lake fishing all day. Today an old friend met me at the lake and we managed to land a dozen Stripers with at least 4 keepers averaging 20 inches. It wasn’t a big fish day on the lake but Shane is a pretty good fisherman having guided on Davis Lake for several years. Shane is a Bow Hunting Outfitter from Idaho who recently moved back to California and now lives in Modesto. Also he is a retired Army Ranger Sharpshooter. Its hard to believe that an elite Ranger who has jumped out of airplanes at 30000 ft and has survived missions in hostile territory still gets a thrill when a fish hooks up–truely “the tug is the drug”. It’s been ten years since I last seen him and we spent some days fishing San Luis out of float tubes in the “old days”. It was the first time I fished in the thick fog that was sitting on the water–I expected monsters today but no luck. The water temperature was 62 and it was cold. We landed about half our fish casting and half trolling flies. Nothing notable happened today, a few individual fish swirling the surface but no schools. We had one double hookup casting but in general the day was pretty slow. One thing is certain though, a 20 inch striper pulls harder than an 8 lb triploid rainbow from Eagle Canyon.

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