COLD AND WET at San Luis Reservoir

A week ago,  my good friend,  Dan Dee called me to arrange a day on the lake.   Dan fishes for Stripers in San Diego and use to fish San Luis with me in the 90’s.  In fact,  he was witness to Al Whitehursts 4lb test World Record Striper in the 90’s.  We got on the lake today and it was raining, foggy, and cold–not the best conditions for fishing but then we both would rather try than stay at home.    The day was tough–we trolled from 7am to 1:30pm and we landed 10 fish and kept 4.   If it weren’t for the company,  I would have left at 10am but we gave it our best.   We recalled however that there use to be days we didn’t get any so today was pretty good considering we had two limits of stripers to take home.   None of the fish were big and it seems that the big fish have gone deep and are uninterested in flies.  We metered tons of fish but we could only get a few fish out of schools. Seems like the fish were suspended right near the bottom .  It was rainy and cold with the water temperature at 60 degrees.

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