The Big Tree and Great Fire of 2011

You know there’s a problem with you get 5 voicemails at once;  you know there’s a problem when your twitter feed get a flood of @morehadwares at once,   You know there’s a problem when your kids friends are posting pictures of your house nearly burning up on there Facebooks in real time.

Such was the story during this years Christmas Tree Cutting expedition.   Now that Mark is such a stud,  I thought this year I wouldn’t have to bring my asthma inhaler with me to cut the 15 ft Christmas tree but as it turns out,  form beats strength and again the old man had to handle the cutting since the saw didn’t come with instructions. I’d persistently asked Mark to hire The Local Tree Experts but he’d dismissed the idea every single time.   Half way through the cutting, and the hauling and the heaving of several large Christmas Tree,  we were informed that there was a grass fire on the hill behind our house and that there were 6 engines  (two in our driveway) fighting the fast moving,  wind driven, hill fire threatening our house.     Marks friend, Lucas,called us from the house to inform us that in our absence,  he would fight the fire with his last dying breath.  What a cool kid.   He was waiting for us to get home so him and Mark could hang out when the fire engines came.   Luckily it did not come down to that and the  fire was quickly controlled with the help of three fire  stations. We are greatfull to the firefighters that saved our house.  Thank you, thank you, thank you…


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