The Sweep – Warriors Dynasty

The Warriors just swept the Cavs in the 2018 NBA Championships.   What a great year it has been.    As dominating as the Warriors seem now,  I think next year may be a tough one.  Seven games against the Rockets and LaBron’s amazing 50 point game that was as close as it gets means some other teams are learning how to beat the Warriors.  I cant wait for next season.  Can we tie the Lakers and do three in a row? A shout out to my Warriors Fan Posse – the most dedicated fans I have every worked with in the office. Lorraine, Shab, Maureen, Irena and Olga who deck out the office every game and text the texts flowing during the game with insight-full commentary.


One thought on “The Sweep – Warriors Dynasty

  1. Born in Detroit and being a lifelong Piston’s fan I added the Warriors as my second team when they drafted my guy Draymond out of of Michigan State. Now that I live in Oceanside it’s even a better fit. I followed Green at MSU over the years and thought Draymond would end up a solid sixth man who would have a good but unspectacular NBA career just based on his smarts and work ethic. It’s been a real treat to see him win three titles with the most amazing group of shooters ever assembled in my opinion, and still play an important role on the team with his defense, assists and rebounding. I hate to be a sore loser, but I think the Warriors should have just 4-peated since they were robbed in my opinion when the league suspended Green after Lebron walked right over him in that infamous finals series. Green plays game five at home and the Warriors win that one. At least by my biased logic and bias. 🙂

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