DFG Commision Unanomously Votes not to Increase Striper Limits

Thanks to a hard lobby by Flyfishermen and sportfisherman,  the DFG Commission actually voted against its own recommendations to increase stripers limits and size restrictions.  The regulations were proposed to attempt to eradicate striped bass in California in order to  save Salmonid populations in the delta.   In actuality,  the recomendations were put forth by Southern California Water interest in an effort to divert attention away from the real stressor of the delta fishery–water diversion to southern California.

Eradicate a species through eliminating fishing limits?  Let’s get rid of Asian Carp that way.

The proposed draft changes  regulations related to anadromous striped bass. The draft language (PDF) would authorize additional harvest  of striped bass.

The basic proposed changes are as  follows:

  • Raising the daily bag limit for striped bass from two  to six fish.
  • Raising the possession limit for striped bass from two to 12 fish.
  • Lowering the minimum size for striped bass from 18 to 12 inches.
  • Establishing a “hot spot” for striped bass fishing at  Clifton Court Forebay and specified adjacent waterways at which the daily  bag limit will be 20 fish, the possession limit will be 40 fish and there  will be no size limit. Anglers fishing at the hot spot would be required  to fill out a report card and deposit it in an iron ranger or similar  receptacle.
  • Changes to the sport fishing regulations for the  Carmel, Pajaro and Salinas Rivers to allow harvest of striped bass when  the fishery would otherwise be closed.

Download and watch the fireworks at the meeting    Get Feb 2, 2011


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