Give Kids a Smile- Family Affair

On February 8th 2012, Dr Regina Gray (wife\boss) and Mia Syn (daughter)  participated as screeners in the ‘Give Kids a Smile” program sponsored by the Santa Clara Dental Society.   The day entailed screening children for dental pathology at Anderson Elementary School in San Jose.   Approximately 200 kids were examined and children with treatement needs were referred to volunteer dentists going here for treatment and orthodontics.  February is dental health month and Give Kids A Smile is a program that helps underserved children get much needed services. If you check these guys out you will see that this year, my daughter Mia (a trained dental assistant), took a day off of her busy UC Berkeley Schedule to assist Dr Gray for the day.    Mia and Gina have volunteered their time and skills to this program for over 8 years.  Films from past years…

February 2005

Dentist with a Heart 1995 from Meng Syn DDS on Vimeo.

February 2004 – Filmed and edited by Mia Syn (age 13, for the Santa Clara Dental Society)

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