Mark and Mia doing there thing..

Mia at Berkeley in her third year declared her major as Metabolism and Physiology.  I always knew that she was into nutrition and health but I didn’t know how much passion she had for the field until we sat down and watched “Biggest Loser”.  Honestly, I have never watched the show and the idea of overweight people losing weight in public was not my idea of exciting.    But, Mia is inspired by the trainers and the passion of the people to get healthy.  I see that in her now.  I think eventually her career and her passion will be in an area where she will help people get healthy.

At my last checkup,  my doctor mentioned to me that at 180 lbs,  that I was 30 lbs over my BMI.  At 5’7″, the last time I weighed 150 lbs was in High School.  I thought that the BMI recommendation for my height was really wrong.  I mean I would feel unhealthy at that weight  if I could ever attain it.   My Daughter explained to me that BMI is adjusted for body frame, and after researching my body frame,  I set a goal of 168 lbs.   The method designed by my daughter involved  using Instagram  to photograph whatever I eat.  Instagram is like twitter with pictures and Mia would be my only follower.   In addition to posting my diet on Instagram,  Mia installed several other apps on my IPHONE–Fooducate and Diet Tracker which are database\barcode readers for food to estimate calories and nutrition of servings.   She has me post my best guess at the calories I consume.   The rest she said is math and coaching.  I am limited to 1500 calories a day and  I must eat breakfast and snack during the day.  Since starting the diet supervised by my daughter,  I lost 8 lbs the first two weeks and I am now stable at 172 but still not down to 168.   I think I need to step up my work outs to lose more weight.   Ill post again if Mia gets me down to 170.

Another installment of Mia as Anchor for CAL TV.

Mark is finishing up Leland with a great final effort! Last semesters grades were the highest of his high school career with several challenging classes-AP Econ, Physics and Pre-Calc. Also, Mark is ASB VP and was recently voted “Most Involved” by his senior class peers. Mark has chosen to play Varsity Lacrosse instead of return to his number two position on the Varsity Golf Team. The Leland Surf Club which Mark founded competes in its first competitions next month. So far Mark has been accepted to 8 out of 8 colleges that he has applied to. The list includes, Sonoma State, Chico State, Montana State, Hofstra University in New York, University of Hawai Manau, Drexal Universtiy in Philidelphia, and University of Oregon. The first choices for colleges will trickle in this March.

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