Sunday’s Fail at San Luis

What looked to be a banner day at San Luis on Sunday March 4th turned out to be the end of my year long  lucky streak at the Big Lake with only one fish caught.   I took Rick out with me and we stopped by Coyote Bait and Tackle for 12 Jumbo Minnows for Rick to fish near Romero while I cast a fly.  Even the live bait failed to bring us action!    We fished from 7 to 2 and tried all the spots from Lone Oak bay,  Gooseneck Point  to Romero with no luck.  There were no fish carcasses in the waste basket at the fish cleaning station at 2PM.     Water temperature was 55 degrees and no wind.   The last two days, the windline at the lake has peaked at over 40 mph.   I bet the lake is something to see with that kind of wind!     I brought out my Nikon Callaway Golf LR550 Laser Rangefinders out to the lake to see exactly what 500 feet from the dam was.   It worked like a charm.     I wonder if casting into the dam from 500 feet breaks the rules?   

Fail at San Luis from Meng Syn DDS on Vimeo.

Last week a flyfisherman fishing the surf in Aptos died when he was carried out to sea by a riptide in 3 foot surf. I have fished the surf for many years for perch and I have always thought that stripping baskets and waders was like inviting disaster. I fish the surf in a long-jon wet suit that I wear to surf with soft booties. No chance of waders filling up. I think I might need to wear an inflatable life jacket too but then I dont fish that far out. Sad days for surf fly fishermen.  

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