The UFO over San Luis Reservoir 4-16-2012

I was surprised to see how many hits my silly  fishing blog video –UFO Spotted over San Luis Reservoir–received in 5 days.  A whopping 1500 hits.  Someone actually downloaded it , re edited the fishing out of it and  and  reposted just the UFO part!  When I pulled into the boat launch and spotted the object in the sky, it seemed pretty explainable and I took the footage thinking it would spice up a boring fishing video pretty much expecting it to be a weather balloon or a kite or something explainable. I didn’t get to look closely at it until the end of the day when I edited the footage. Today,  I received  a call from someone asking about the video at my dental office.  From what I’ve seen,  this video turns out to be the  best picture of the object. It appears to be a giant pair of White Trouser with a black belt flying in the sky. At least that is what it looks like.

Out of curiosity ,  I googled UFOs, Los Banos, and San Luis Reservoir and discovered that I was not the only person who reported it.  In fact, yesterday (the 24th) there were more spottings according to my dental assistant who lives in Los Banos and still no formal explanation posted by the media or government.   The last thing on my mind last week was looking for a distraction and I really was into the fishing much more than the UFO.  I decided to post the original footage with some to see if anyone recognizes the object.  Here is a list of some other perspectives of “the object”.

UFO Stalker

The Merced Sun-Star Newspaper

The Los Banos Enterprise

National UFO Reporting Center

UFO Sightings Report

Youtube video of UFO over  Gilroy Same Day

Skywatchers Network


A pretty good synopsis of the days sightings

UFO Sightings Report blog


3 thoughts on “The UFO over San Luis Reservoir 4-16-2012

  1. Never mind on a portion of my previous comment.
    I finally read the article attached to the video.
    Big DUH on my part! You couldn’t have explained it any better

  2. This is really cool!
    It sounds like it really blew you away!

    Do you have any opinions as to what it may have been?

    I saw one very close (50′) when I lived in Sacramento, just floating over the trees.
    Very exciting stuff.

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