Antelope Creek Lodge 2012

I just got back from three days of fishing with Mark.  With Mark leaving for college soon, I know these trips will be rare and I really enjoyed my time with him alone.   We returned to Antelope Creek Lodge again this year and like last year we ran into a freak snow storm which dumped 4 inches of standing snow on us the first day there.   It was fun and we caught many trout despite the weather.  Mark fished well with his cousins –the Syn Twins and I enjoyed the weekend and the break from the stress of the office as did my cousin Dr Wayne Syn. ALso with us was Jon Leonard who I normally have the priviledge of fishing with in Alberta. This year however, he will be in Russia and I dont think I will get a chance to fish with him again this year. The food was outstanding again this year with two new chefs.   Mike Michelak, the owner of the Fly Shop in Redding and the owner of the lodge stopped by on Saturday and chatted with us.   There was talk of a future trip to Kamchatka to fishing for giant rainbows with mice flies in Russia–another destination added to the Bucket List. I also learned that the best bang for the buck to catch Golden Dorado is to pair up with a Peacock Bass Trip in Brazil. Peacock Bass and golden Dorado in Paraguay\Brazil, and Jurassic Lake Rainbows with Rio Grande Sea Run Browns in Argentina.

Mark held his own, catching numerous large rainbows and doing well keeping up with the famous Syn Twins who fish like fishing vacuum cleaners.  If you want to catch a few fish, don’t fish behind them!

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