Mark Graduates from Leland

Today is a landmark day in our lives as our youngest graduates from Leland High School–my alma mater. Mark leaves Leland with 4 years of elected ASB service–voted by his peers in the yearbook as “The Most Involved Student” at Leland. As ASB VP his senior year he MC’ed the School Rallies and made the morning announcements as the most tenured ASB officer at Leland.  I am proud of his selfless dedication to an ungrateful Leland administration ( there was no recognition of ASB’s contributions at graduation) .     During his 4 years at Leland, he was captain of the Varsity Golf Team, Captain of the Varsity Lacrosse team, and Founder of the Leland Surf and Board Club. In his first two years at Leland, he was part of the Speech and Debate Team and actually placed in several tournaments.  Now that he is done with Leland High School–a school the subject of several recent publicized scandals (and many more not publicized), I can speak freely about a school that has fallen from grace in my eyes without fear of repercusions against my kids.   Last week, driving back from a fishing trip in Northern California,  Mark wore a Leland High School ASB T shirt into a gas station in Willows,  a truck driver stopped him and said ” that Leland High School in San Jose?”  when Mark answered yes,  the truck driver just smirked and walked away disgusted.   Despite my loathing of the Leland Administration, it was great to see many parents and kids that Mark knew since kindergarten.

To the UC’s in California, you missed out on a great student.   Next year, Mark starts a new life at University of Oregon.   Go Ducks!



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