Is July Dead Month?

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I put in a full day at the lake today–about ten hours. The wind finally died down on the lake and crowds were out being the 4th of July Weekend. It was a wierd and crazy sight to see jet skis, waterskiers, and swimers outnumbering fisherman on the lake.  I launched and landed through swimmers and jet ski’s. No one on the lake seemed to be catching fish and upon leaving that afternoon, the game warden confirmed that observation.

I was really looking forward to the long 5 day July 4th Weekend and thought that I might get to fish San Luis every day, but the wind lady seemed to anticipate how much work I had to catch up with at home and reported more wind every day and night until Saturday. On Thursday and Friday there were gust to 39 MPH on the lake.

The water temperature was in the low 70s and I was on the lake at 6AM. The water level of the lake is about 80 feet down. With 65 miles of shoreline, thats about 1.6 Trillion gallons of water going south in the last two months. I figured that with my new Lowrance HD10 side scanner, there would be no water where those fish could hide from me. I found most of them in Portuguese Cove. There were about 7 boats all within 50 feet of each other in the middle of the cove. I cast flies in the shallows for 8 hours and got one fish. Saw a few fish flash the fly and trolled flies over near Romero looking for that big fish that was released there two weeks ago. Got one more fish at 2:30PM and called it a day. Maybe the Forebay is better this month.


3 thoughts on “Is July Dead Month?

  1. Sounds like a plan Meng. It will have to be in the fall, I’ve been tied up running a family member to radiation treatments. Thanks for the invite!

  2. Tell me when you go out and maybe we can meet up and Ill show you how to use that flyrod. I miss that boat. I think it caught more fish because its quieter and stealthier (sp?)

  3. Hi Meng! Yea, I’m the guy who bought your old boat. Haven’t been out too many times with it, but did get to do a little fishing in the Forbay(Sat.7th). Nothing! and it didn’t seem like anyone else was doing too hot either. Anyway, Take Care, Duane

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