Tough Fishing in July

Mark and I fished San Luis this morning when the wind let up after two weeks of +20mph winds. The lake is at least 80 feet below its high water mark and its a different experience fishing the Lake when its half its normal size. You almost have to throw everything out that you’ve learned and treat it like a new lake. I fished some “Flats” in Portagese Bay. The irony is that the flats are actually the bottom of the bay. I ended up with 2 fish on flies, both under 18 inches. We fished hard from 6am to 3pm with only three fish. We managed to troll up a huge Crappie. Mark had never caught one. Seems like all the crappie I have ever caught are beat up and ugly. Probably survival scars living in a lake with 40 lb stripers. A local guy at the dock said he saw a 40lb plus fish caught in the forebay yesterday on a rubber worm.


On another note, we stopped at Sonic Burger on the way home and when I tried to start the Ford F-150, it would not start and acted like it was vapor locking. Since its electronic fuel injection, I find that doubtful but interesting enough, my old Ford 350 Motor home acts exactly like that after you have driven the car in heat for a couple hours. I wonder if Ford knows that this is a common problem with older V8s?   After half an hour with the hood open,  all was good again and the car didn’t feel weak or under powered all the way home.

The forebay is full  and I suspect that there may be more fish there than in the lake. This morning I got up at 5AM to give it a ride,  but the wind line warned me of 27 mph winds.  In less than 24 hours the lake and forebay becomes unfishable!   Ill hope tomorrow is lighter and try again.

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