First Striper of October…

Decided to fish the Dam this morning for a couple hours before catching up on chores at home. I thought it might be hot, but the only thing that was hot was the weather. The Wind line was down this morning and I took a chance and got to the lake at 7:00 AM and it was already warm. I headed to Romero and fished a big flashtail couser without a hit for about an hour, I finally got one after downsizing to a small grey and white clouser that the late Len Bearden tied me. The fish hit as the fly was sinking. I felt a tap on the sinking line as I was messing with the autopilot. It was a nice fish about 22 inches.


One thought on “First Striper of October…

  1. Hi Meng! I went fishing Tuesday in the forebay with my Mutt and a friend. (I’m not sure, he may be a Mutt also.) We just bait fished, drifting with live minnows. I caught three, but only one keeper at 22 inches. The wind was blowing at 17 to 22 on my wind meter. (I flew RC planes at the D-dam and it was nice to see what the wind was to figure the ballast.) Anyway, your boat handles the rough water well, but the dog wasn’t too happy. Duane
    (Tuesday, I’m headed with an old high school friend to the Sacramento river (somewhere around Walnut Grove?) to do some trolling for “the big silver ones”.

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