Prime Time Delta?

The weather was perfect, the tides was moving, the wind was down and its Prime Time in the Delta. Wayne and I fished the Delta today from 6:30 AM to 2 PM and managed 16 nice fish between the two of us with one 7 lbs. The fish were healthy and Wayned owed that 7lbr in 3.5 minutes, as a busy fishing guide, he is very skilled at landing large fish quickly and efficiently because he knows the limits of his equipment and leaders. We launched at Lauritzen’s and fished all the way to Broad Slough then went to False River and then Korth’s area then back down to West Island for the incoming. Lots of miles on his Triton 18. So why do I feel like the day was really slow? I think the main reason is that we caught all our fish in the morning between 8-10 and didn’t get a touch in the best looking water all afternoon. Wayne and I fish pretty hard (like Oregon Ducks Football)–no huddle and hurry up offense. We really pounded the Delta searching. We put in the miles and tried lots of spots. The water was a bit brown but it had been like that all day and we did catch fish in the morning on the incoming tide which peaked at 2:00.

2 thoughts on “Prime Time Delta?

  1. Hi Meng, I have a quick question. (If you remember) How much air pressure did you run on the boat trailer tires? Thanks Duane

  2. Hi Meng, I haven’t fished the forebay this week, but a friend of mine fished today (this morning) and went through 18 minnows in a couple of hours. Nothing big, I think he said the biggest one was about 22 inches. Anyway, they are starting to bite. Duane
    (Oh yea, I took your boat to the delta last Tuesday and got shunked. We were trolling (baited)flatfish, but the hot lure of the day seemed to be “silvertrons” which of coarse we didn’t have. We fished the Walnut Grove area. Man, I love this boat!

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