Claudia and Marcello’s Christmas Party

We have these neighbors that are pretty special.  Claudia is a fantastic baker.  The kind of baker that makes wedding cakes that have their own airline ticket.  Marcello is an audiophile\dj\technology wizard that has one of the largest most eclectic collection of lossless audio media I know and that is a huge amount of music since I personally spin about 20 gigs of just music media all the time.    Last week they threw a Christmas party and Marcello found an artist in LA that sang the first song that he and his wife danced to in the 80’s. As a surprise to his wife, he invited Cynthia Manely to sing there first dance song live at the party.   Cynthis Manely use to sing with the Boys Town Gang under Moby Dick Records in 1982 where she had 4 Top Ten Billboard disco hits between 1981 and 1986.  She is best know for her hit single  “Aint No Mountain High Enough”

Here is one of the 5 songs she sang.  That’s Jon Lee–my other favorite neighbor–getting down with the Diva about 2:45 into the performance.



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