Superbowl Mojo

The good old days are back. I just dont want to jinx it. I can still remember those 5 Superbowls. 1982, 1985, 1989, 1990, 1995. The first Superbowl win occurred in my last year of Dental School at Northwestern. I remember watching that game at Streeters Sports Bar in Chicago surrounded by 9r fans in Bear Territory. I also remember the riot in San Francisco that ensued after that first win. There was no internet then — just TV.

I fished  the ONeill Forebay today because Gina requested some stripers for dinner and the weather was perfect. The lake and Forebay were like glass and on my way in, the ranger showed me a picture of a huge striper that was caught a few days earlier by a bait fisherman in the lake. The day was not that productive, but I told myself if I catch a limit of stripers today, the niner will surely win tomorrows game. The last fish hit at about 3:30.PM and was on the dinner table at 6:00. A  couple trollers were on there way in at 11am as I was leaving the dock. They had 4 nice stripers trolling chartreuse Pline Plugs along the rockwall directly across from the ramp. Trolling slowly (1.7mph) they said. Tomorrow’s Menu–BBQ ribs.  Niners 24   Ravens 13 if its close at half time.  Payback time for last Thanksgiving’s loss.  If the niners come out strong  and get some sacks early,  they will own the game by half time.  Thats my guess, but I should warn you that I suck at predictions–Apple Stock is now at 450 when I thought it would be at 700!


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