Whose got it better than us? Refs that aren’t accountable, thats who.

When coach Jim  Harbaugh sais the game was taken away from the 49rs by a bad call,  it sounds like sour grapes. But if you look at the way the officials consistently favored the Ravens throughout the entire game,  it makes even an impartial bystander  wonder if the fix was in, especially after watching the replays.  Hitting, blocking or holding  a receiver to break the ball up as it gets to the receiver is not allowed anymore. Not only do you have to cover the receiver, you must be able to decipher while the ball is IN THE AIR, if it will be caught or not so you can then make the judgement on whether to hit the receiver or not.   The Rule Book States  that defensive pass interference is called when the defensive player “cuts off the path of a receiver by making contact with him without playing the ball” and\or “Hooks or holds a receiver in an attempt to get to the ball in such a manner that it causes the receiver’s body to turn prior to the ball arriving”. A Lawyer friend of mine once told me that the NFL games were fixed by the refs.  I thought that was malarchy until today. Coaches should be able to challenge at least two lack of a penalty calls per game–they are rationed and penalized if such challenges aren’t won with instant replay anyways. The Refs have no business swinging close games especially championships and playoffs. Further evidence that the officials were fixing the game was the fact that in the second quarter, Cary Williams hits an official with both hands nearly knocking him to the ground in a fight on the field. That should have been instant ejection. Finally, I just want to tell CBS that Phil Simms is a boring douche for saying that call looked good. As a commentator, as the New York Time sais, “Simms Is Short of Analysis”. Get rid of him and put an ex coach in for commentary–someone who knows the rules. I guess we will have to wait till next year.  Go Niners and goodbye football for 6 months. There is no joy in SF, the mighty Niner just got robbed.

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